Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vancouver Aquarium Part II

As I look through the pictures of our Vancouver Aquarium field trip, im already planning on our next return- this time, my goal is to actually read the information rather than just checking out the live displays. There is just so much to learn in that building that not one-two-or even-three visits would suffice, y'know? I feel like i'm the kid newly discovering and learning all about these cool wonders of the aquatic world...why wasn't this as exciting when I was a kid and had to learn and pay attention? hehe

^^ one of my favorite parts was the Amazon section, it was truly a 4D experience with the added humidity of the department. The butterflies were beautiful just flying around (how do they keep them from escaping?).  Can you imagine waking up to one of these cockroaches on your pillow? I just about die with the North American version, I cant even imagine these GIANT ones crawling around, yikes yikes yikes (anyone else feeling itchy right now?!) ^^

^^ perfectly camouflaged in nature! this frog was just so cute sitting there all content. i wonder what it's thinking about? ^^

^^ these were the second real life frogs i've ever seen in real life. seriously, i know i know.  I can't imagine eating their legs as a delicacy after seeing them in all their glory. My favorite part of the frog section was this machine that played the sound of each frog. I was like, WOW. You know those relaxation sound machines? many of the 'rainforest' sounds are actually of frogs in action ^^ 

^^ Kermit was Max's favorite frog! ^^

^^ classic photo of a child in the aquarium! ^^ 

^^ beautiful Beluga whale ^^

^^ I think we caught something here, and he is looking ferocious! Reel him in boys! ^^

^^ although i'd love to say that we spent 2.5 hours there entirely educating Max, a majority of the time was actually spent doing THE STAIRS. he just seems to need to conquer every single staircase 2-3 times until we are able to move on. oh boy! i'm thankful though my mom was there because she was able to take over plenty of times while I checked out the feature around the corner! ^^

^^ after a long day of doing the STAIRS, the kid fell asleep in the car. Luckily i was able to just unbuckle him from the car seat and lie him down on the grass at my parents house. yes, he's holding two pacifiers, but he doesnt really use them...just a comfort item haha ^^

I highly recommend a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, especially their Jelly Invasion feature. I hope you'll be as captivated by their beauty as I was! 


  1. haha that's a funny pic of max with the pacifiers


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