Monday, August 5, 2013

Vancouver Aquarium Part I

We celebrated VANCOUVER PRIDE weekend not at the parade this year, but instead at the Vancouver Aquarium. Something about large crowds + 25lb curious, mobile, restless child on a carrier (facing me instead of the parade) + no seats for a few hours, just didn't appeal to me this year y'know? kuddos to the parents that did though!

As I was saying, my mom used a her Vancouver tourism pass to take us to the aquarium this weekend. Im embarrassed to say this but this was not only Max's first time at the aquarium, but also mine since elementary school- oh 20+ years ago? Crazy right?! It was definitely all new to me and I was totally mesmerized the entire time I was there. Once Max is older, an annual pass is definitely in order.

The current feature is the JELLY INVASION, i have a new found appreciation for these things:

^^ im giving mad props to the Aquarium with their lighting. yes, jelly fishes are beautiful but their tanks magnify these brainless beauties and whatever lighting is used makes them g-l-o-w! I guess if i were living under the sea and the sun was shining, this is what I would see too hey? ^^

^^ this box jelly fish (Chironex fleckeri) is one of the most dangerous animals in the world! Worst case scenario, a sting can lead to a loss of consciousness before suffering a cardiac arrest and dying! ^^

^^ I cant remember what type of jelly fish this was but it's so full of intricate and delicate detail ^^

^^ The only exposure ive had to jelly fishes were dead ones that brushed up on shore or watching something on Discovery. Today, I got to know and see a bunch of species that i only had heard of- i knew jelly fishes were pretty in pictures, but in real life they're beautiful, even to the point of magical (to me at least). I couldnt stop staring! Max wasn't equally in awe of them but I think he had good time at the exhibit ^^ 

Who knew that a blog post can be dedicated solely to jelly fish?! I definitely recommend seeing this exhibit before it's gone! 

More pics to come on our trip to the Aquarium! I need to filter through the 100+ pictures I took!


  1. You totally need an annual membership so that you can go back! We have had ours for just a few months and it has more than paid for itself twice over already. We can go during a weekday when it's not so stupid busy, and no lines for members! Plus Max won't need to pay for another 1.5 years; he just coasts on your membership!

    Little L's favourite parts are the fish tank at the entrance, the butterflies, and the snakes and sharks and marmosets. At this age, the novelty never wears off!

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