Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunshine Coast Part 2: Pender Harbor and Sechelt

This was Max's first overnight trip away from home -queue in anxious parents!! I was really worried for no reason because the little guy managed to tolerate a 30 minute drive to Horseshoe Bay, 40 minute ferry, and another 40 minutes of driving to Pender Harbor without much fuss. Once we opened the door in our Painted Boat Resort villa, he ran into rooms and went crazy laughing and playing - talk about adapting and welcoming change! A poor road trip nap and a late late dinner didn't even phase him, he was such a good boy!

^^ goodbye Vancouver!  ^^

^^ as long as he was spared from the windier side of the boat, the kid was excited and running around like it was a playground! I was the on the other hand feeling woozy just looking overboard ^^

^^ hello Gibsons! ^^

As stated in my last blog post, we stayed at the Painted Boat Resort Spa and Marina, it was an AMAZING place to stay and a wonderful gift after a long day of being cooped up in the car and feeling car sick after all those windy roads between Sechelt and Pender Harbor!

^^ this is the view Max and I woke up to on our first morning! We heard frogs all night - no car alarms, no hustle and bustle of the city, just the sounds of nature ^^

^^ our first morning, the resort sent us a beautiful continental breakfast for 3 - smoked slamon, milk, yogourt, strawberries, pastries, muesli! Healthy start to a fabulous sunny day ^^

^^ husband managed to find people of the commercial fishing industry 
and reminisce of the olden days. Beautiful Pender Harbor Marina ^^

^^ i think we were 1-2 weeks too late for Blackberry season! We did manage to find some plump ones, Max loves them..even the reddish ones which are so tart! ^^

^^ when you barely have any clothes on for most of the day, you know you're on vacation ^^

^^ Ethnic fare at Daphne's, downtown Sechelt ^^

^^ local entertainment during the Sechelt Night Market. Max really enjoyed their music ^^

^^ you definitely aren't in the city when a family of deer plant themselves on the resort lawns and eat grass peacefully amongst the humans ^^

^^ our final day's breakfast and first thing in the morning family shot (cheers for self timer!!) ^^

Thank you again to the Painted Boat Resort Spa and Marina, and towns Pender Harbour and Sechelt! We had a fun and relaxing time, were well fed, and simply entertained - you shall see us again soon! 


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