Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunshine Coast Part 1: Painted Boat Resort

A couple of months ago, I was honored as Vancouver's 2013 Top Mom Blogger held by! To this day, it still feels surreal that a small blog like mine is being read by so many people around the world. From pregnancy to raising a toddler, i'm blogging what I love -  thank you thank you for your support!

One of the prizes I won was a 2 night stay at a glorious resort called Painted Boat Resort Spa and Marina. Painted Boat is nestled in what is called the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, more specifically Pender Harbor. As my husband works up the coast every now and then, he knew the route to Pender Harbour like the back of his hand- seriously, first over night trip with little Max, getting lost was just one thing I didn't want to add to our itinerary!

PAINTED BOAT boasts 31 fully modern furnished villas, infinity edge pool, hot tub, The RESTAURANT, a one of a kind luxury spa, fitness centre, access to a deep water marina, and an amazing water view from your own patio! The resort spoiled us with a 2 bedroom villa that was bigger than our own Vancouver apartment! We had the time of our lives this weekend, and transitioning Max into a new environment was a breeze thanks to the wonderful service, beautiful villa, and unmatched hospitality of this beautiful resort. I am so ever grateful!

^^ this boat was your clue to turn left and follow the signs to the resort ^^ 

^^ this is in all honesty the breathtaking view from our patio. We had floor the ceiling windows and we opened the door to this magnificence! Nice change from the concrete jungle of the city! ^^
^^ even though the resort prepared a crib for us, Max loved this king sized bed so much that we just had to co-sleep/bed share with him during our trip. He didn't fall off once and he slept more soundly here than he does in his crib! Thank goodness for the 2nd bedroom though because we took turns sleeping with this gymnast! ^^

^^ the RESTAURANT! the place was right on the water so wherever you sat you had an amazing view. We however chose to eat inside because mother nature blessed us with some fabulous weather - it was TOO hot! We just didnt want to make Max all cranky with heat and sun blasting  ^^

^^ We were also spoiled with a complimentary 3 course dinner at the RESTAURANT! Mussels and clams, chicken tenders, ribeye, scallops and pork belly, ganache, house made ice cream - all to die for! The pictures dont do the food justice. ^^

^^ night time swimming at the infinity edge pool! Pool water was cold, but the trick is to go in the hot tub, then the pool, hot tub, then pool ...and well, then it got dark and the mosquitos came out and attacked us so we had to head on back to the villa. ^^

** for more info on the Painted Boat Resort Spa and Marina, check our their FACEBOOK page, catch them on TWITTER, or check out their WEBSITE


  1. Wow, so beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time...and that baby of yours is too cute for words:) Can't wait for the next part!

    Pink Chai Style

  2. Mitzi, that all looks so amazing, the resort, the room and the food! And that's so great that you were able to take make Max with you and have a fun family trip. Looking forward to part two.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous place!

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  5. Night time swimming sounds fun! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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