Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy List :: August ::

  1. the many words Maxiboy is saying lately, it's a word a day! I really like the sound of little kid voices and how they say things that only their own parents can understand. Max is saying "bape" lately ...and who else but us would know he wanted "grapes?" haha
  2. i recently purged a bunch of clothing from my closet and donated to charity or to my sisters' closet. the empty hangers are in need of being filled up again! 'I can resist everything but temptation' -Oscar Wilde
  3. my sister saying YES TO THE DRESS after 1 shopping session with her! gotta love Columbia st. in New West that caters to so many styles and budgets
  4. Max accepting the stroller!!! As long as he's facing out, we're good to travel for a few hours
  5. something about this song
  6. the awesome weather we had while I was on vacation for 2 months! 
  7. Max holding and reaching out for my hand as we do our daily stair exercises together! we do the toddler equivalent of the grouse grind every day at the park
  8. the hundreds of watermelon slices, berries, grapes, and oranges Max has eaten since May. Hurray for healthy eaters!
  9. this FREE app, it's pretty funny
  10. two summers for 2013 --Australia bound this winter!
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