Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Brighton Park

although there are so many wonderful places to visit in the province, my idea of a staycation is literally driving to the corner and hanging out at one of Vancouver's most beautiful parks- New Brighton! During the summer, we are literally here hanging out at the pool, playground, beach, or grass field. Even though it's near such a busy intersection with massive freight trucks circling the perimeter, it continues to be a majestic place that just screams R&R!

^^ mama let's go to the playground! hurry up! ^^

^^ breathtaking view of the mountains and the Second Narrow's Bridge from the comfort of a swing ^^
^^ Max was apprehensive about setting foot on this bridge at the playground and i couldn't understand why until I set foot on it myself! it was literally a bit of a challenge to cross that thing as an adult, i can only imagine if i were a little toddler like Max who's core body strength is still premature! Sheesh. Goes to show how much of a weakling I am haha ^^

^^ playing with the big kids! I think they taught Max a thing or two about how to play on this see-saw thing in the future! Let's just say, it's not the safest thing in the park! ^^

^^ i attempted these monkey bars after watching a kid go through them fast. y'know im not that out of shape or anything but man were they hard to cross! i hate to admit it but i needed at least 2 attempts to cross them entirely! out of shape!  ^^

^^ im surprised to say this myself, but this was Max's first exposure to blueberries. Maybe the fact that they were nearly $4/lb had something to do with my lack of purchasing them sooner!! Nevertheless, he seems to like them but not devouring them like he does grapes. all in time i know, i can eat this entire package if given enough time mmm.. ^^

^^ after a long day, Max took a nap under a tree. Yes, a tree in the middle of a grass field with people carrying on with their day about 6 feet away. The view, the fresh air, the breeze, the colors...peace, it is just that serene! if i didnt have to watch over this little kid, i would've fallen asleep as well! ^^ 

see you again soon, New Brighton! 


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