Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Then and Now Toddler Edition

Check out my THEN and NOW Baby Edition. What's life like with a kid nearing 18 months?

^^ still a baby at 7 months old ^^

infant: bedtime 10am, 2-3 night wakings, official wakeup 7am. Bionic ears (i hear every baby squeak)
toddler: bedtime 9pm, 1 night waking then co sleep, official wakeup 0715-0800am. mamma ears arent so sensitive!

infant: baby mood determines length. mostly staying in one city. avoiding transit during rush hour
toddler: naps 1-3pm in carrier, 1-4pm at home. zigzagging around the city. the ERGO is our best friend, no issues with rush hour crowds, but i still prefer to not be sardined in a bus or train

infant: Superstore, Walmart, H&M, Baby Gap, Old Navy
toddler: Superstore, Robson, Metrotown, Oakridge, Brentwood, and most importantly, Playgrounds

infant: books, toys, baby gear
toddler: clothes for Max and mamma online and IRL

infant: elevators
toddler: elevators and escalators! did i mention the ERGO was our best friend?

infant: power walker with stroller in tow
toddler: power walker while carrying a 25lb child, transiting when convenient because he's heavy!

infant: family time almost all the time
toddler: Max and mamma dates, Papa and Max outings, family excursions

infant: scheduled home cooked meals. if eating out, only at stroller/baby friendly restaurants
toddler: same, but also add outdoor picnics with y'know, pizza and or fries 

infant: family brought closer together multiple times a week
toddler: Max hangs out with grandparents, FaceTime almost nightly 

infant: back seat with baby- best seat in the house!
toddler: still the best seat in the house

infant: makeup, basic wear, comfortable shoes
toddler: makeup, trends, flats

infant: scheduling activities while baby is sleeping or distracted
toddler: scheduled activities for Max while awake, scheduled mama-nurturing time while Max is sleeping, family time in the evening

it's all about adapting to new normals right?

^^ toddler! at 17 months ^^


  1. It is very true Mitzi, it does keep on changing and changing. One thing that I feel remiss about is that with my 2 kids there is now officially less opportunity to drag them around to do things I want to do LOL.

    Last summer Ben would go to preschool and Josie would stroller nap and I could do all sorts of lovely things for myself in that 2.5 hour window. Get my eyebrows done, go shopping, meet friends for lunch. Now it has truly shifted with a 18 month old and a 4.5 year old. It is parks, playtime...it is all them.

    I wonder how things will be next summer? :)


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