Monday, July 15, 2013


We're pretty lucky here in east van that there are plenty of playgrounds within walking distance (or at least, easily transit accessible). whether it's an elementary school or just a giant field, there's always space to play and green space to just lie around and relax! 

Now that it's hot and sunny, Max and I have been scouting out playgrounds all over the neighbourhood. im not sure who thought of playgrounds with sand as the primary playing field because that gets in everything (mouth included) and Max brings it home all the time- especially in his shoes. Then at some random moment at home, he discovers the sand in his kicks and dumps it all over the house- however, this doesnt mean that i dont love the sandbox features at playgrounds- always a treat when it's an option vs. no choice right? ;o)

^^ can you believe this green space is about a 2 minute walk from one of the 
busiest intersections in Vancouver? so nice to stop and smell the roses! ^^

Max is just starting to get the concept of slides, and no doubt his personality errs on the side of caution rather than the full blown oh let me just see what happens if i do this alternative. once he sees the top of the slide, he doesnt really know what to do and stands there scared and sometimes bum bouncing. i have caught him at times attempting to slide down on his belly but he rarely follows through unless i kinda pull him gently guide him down. of course, we put him on our laps and slide down...protesting at first, but once we hit the bottom he's all smiles! 

^^ not sure where he learned this facial expression.
 maybe it's all those times ive puckered up and asked him for a kiss ^^

^^ still unsure around other kids. unless they're little girls then he's all smiles ^^

^^ having a ball on this swing! i think it's made for disabled kids in the neighborhood 
but sadly the safety harnesses are all broken! ^^

Thanks Vancouver Park Board for investing in some play spaces for children! the playgrounds around my neighborhood are so nice now, i definitely don't remember materials like this used when i was a kid. in fact, i just visited my old playground the other day and it looks EXACTLY the same from when i was in elementary school!

Hope you're having a great summer!


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