Monday, July 22, 2013

MAXI is 18 months old!

I had an eye opening experience to Max's growth rate the other day when i asked my friend how old her baby was, 6 month's! We're starting solids, she exclaimed. In my head I was seriously like wasn't your baby just born a couple months ago? Much to my surprise, the little girl- born the same month as Max but in 2013, was truly 6 months and Max in turn is 18 months old! 

I dont know about you, but this realization truly opened my eyes to the changes that have literally taken place before my eyes since i last checked in (or is it checked out of the every day familiarities) and objectively looked at my child that is not only growing mentally, intellectually, emotionally, but also physically. Today, I saw Max standing beside the diaper genie and he's half a head taller than that thing- last time I paid attention to this, he was the same height as the genie! To boot, Max wanted to jump in his crib so i put him down and the rail is chest height to him...again, last time i paid attention, the rail was chin height! Please stop growing so fast! ;o)

Q + A with Maxwell at 18 months old:

What is your hair and eye colour? light brown hair and hazel eyes

What size of clothing do you wear? at the lower end of 18-24 month sizing in pants and shirts (maybe even 16 months to be more specific). In shoe size 6.5-7. I think I am about 31" tall and 24lbs. #4 Pampers Baby Dry (the #4 Cruisers are too big)

What foods do you like to eat? grapes, mandarin oranges, watermelon, raspberries. water and milk. Goldfish, mum mum's, toast, rice. asparagus. french fries. mac and cheese. (these are the foods mamma doesn't have to hide in the food)

What books do you like to read right now? thisthis, and this

What are your favorite toys? any ball and my Step2 Car. i love my pacifiers (much to the disapproval of my parents!)

How many teeth do you have? 12! still missing 4 canines and 4 back molars

Do you still breastfeed? stopped breastfeeding on July 15 (this was a sad day for mamma- he literally pushed me away and shook his head no. prior to this though he was nibbling at bedtime routine for about 2-3 minutes at most)

How many words can you say? mamma has no idea how many words i can say because it's a 'healthy amount.' i can imitate most words adults say, i can understand english and tagalog words and commands. i usually talk a lot unless im asked to talk in front of people i dont know then im shy!

What time do you sleep and wake up? bed time routine starts at 830pm, down in bed at 9pm. wakes up in the middle of night - mom or dad co sleeps - and we wake up sometime between 730-9am. I nap usually around 2-4pm, and cosleep during this time. if we're out, i need to be woo'd to sleep on the carrier.

What do you do for fun? during the summer, we go to the swimming pool at least 4x a week. we also go to the playground every single day (seriously)!  i love the swings, not a fan of the slide, i like playing with sand if there's a water fountain attached to the pit, and i go up and down large flights of stairs at least 10 times a day!

Biggest change according to mom? within a span of 1-3 days, Max all of a sudden is not loving bath and bedtime routine. Prior to last week, we'd have a 10 minute bath, get in our bed time clothes, sing lullabies, get rid of pacifier easily, hug/dance/rock and in bed within 30 minutes. Now, with the mention of bath time he is instantly crying, he goes into the tub crying and out within 1-2 minutes. Not so happy getting dressed for bed, refusing the breast, not wanting to be cradled like he used to be during lullabies, death grip on the soother and needs it to be literally ripped out of his hands, and hug/dance/rock for at least 10 minutes. hmmm...not sure why the change. No, he's not teething :op


^^ Max and I being silly with the frog effects! ^^

all in all, im feeling pretty sentimental about all this as Max will soon be turning 2. when people ask how old your kid is, you're not like - or at least im not going to be like he's 29 months! He's 2! and then 3! Then 4! Then school..and then the little boy becomes a little man! maybe it's time for another one? hahaha! looking forward to what's in store for us next!


  1. 18 months is the real deal in toddlerhood for sure. You know what's funny, I was feeling some pressure for never remembering how old Josie was in months. Probably from 12 months on. Sorry 2nd child. Than I aged her and wrote a blog post about her turning 18 months...a month ago when she was still 17 months. Oh well! ;) haha


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