Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada!!

today we spent a grand total of 7 hours at Granville Island. I got off a night shift yesterday morning at 730am, and since we didn't want to waste the day and good weather, we just headed right on out at 10am to enjoy the perks of what Canada has to offer on this fine summer day. This was Max's first outing to the water park and sadly, it wasn't too much of a success. Is it normal for kids at this age to be scared of spraying water? Honestly, Max seemed like the only one crying! Aww. Well, we took turns taking Max to the water park and running through the showers- he was so not pleased! Not sure if we're traumatizing him by just going for it even though he's upset, or doing him some good by holding him tight and showing him he's safe in this type of environment as we run through and laugh (and cool off!) afterwards with and not at him. this is a total work in progress and im kicking myself for thinking he would be cool with the water park and pool (that's another story) like he was last year! note to self: take advantage of indoor pools during the WINTER.

after a day of horsing around and eating our Granville Island faves (i love you candied salmon), Max was exhausted and took a 1.5hour nap. It was near impossible to get him to nap because of all the ruckus going around, thank goodness for our reliable ERGO to woo him to sleep! After he zonked out, papa zonked out, and i - the one who hasnt slept for nearly 24 hours - got my second wind ;o)

^^ Gene's favorite dog breed- Bull Terrier --  friendly woman on stilts! ^^

Canada, we love you! Red and white! Happy 146th Birthday! 


  1. WOW mama Mitzi, I am impressed at your adventurous day post night shift. I am much much older and can only hobble around if I don't have a sleep after helping to welcome babies all night long. I miss my old energy because I once upon a time was able to do that!
    Does Max like the bath? We got Ben used to water parks by taking him in our shower and letting him play with the shower head. Both my kids are total water lovers.

  2. Max likes baths in his little bathtub, but not showers or water running while he's in the bath hehe. we're at the pool everyday so he can get used to the water...but he has no interest, if not scared of sprinklers or strong streams of h2o. weird!


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