Thursday, June 6, 2013

June :: Happy List :: Daddy Edition

summer 2012 ---> spring 2013

my husband has taken on the role of a lifetime as a stay at home dad while I go back to work. Initially, of course, he was nervous about the whole thing as i had my own tricks with Max that I just can't all divulge without being interrogated. But in a span of 2-3 weeks, i noticed the anxiety level of the house decline each time i returned home and i was getting plenty of reports that were more anecdotal rather than beefs on stress, lack of sleep, rest, etc. Dad + son have a bond different from mom + son, it's really endearing to watch their relationship.

This is what makes my husband happy lately...

  1. When my favorite coffee is on sale because i need plenty of it when im on daddy daycare duty (side note: coffee prices are getting higher, not lower. terrible)
  2. When Max lets me sleep in until about 9am before he starts getting ansy about starting the day off (side note: Max wakes up an hour earlier, just plays quietly beside me)
  3. A hot and sunny day so we don't have to be cooped up in the house. I'm really looking forward to when the outdoor pool opens as we'll be there nearly every day
  4. Max not waking up until after 11pm at night. it's really hard to cosleep before 11pm as im wound up from the day
  5. When he isn't so restless at night, as then i can get some sleep beside him. all i ask for is a night without being woken up by a body slam or head butt
  6. neapolitan style pizza picnics with the family at Grandview Park
  7. Mobile Max is better than and more fun than infant Max. it's a hoot watching him run around with his sound effects that sound like goy goy goy goy goy
  8. Max dancing to "Who Let the Dog's Out" and "Monster Mash" at school
  9. When Max eats well at every single meal. he doesnt have to eat all of it, but at least most of it so i dont have to whip out our emergency meal (grilled cheese)
  10. When mom is off and can take over! naturally.
Good job Dad!

What's made You happy lately?


  1. Alex took care of Ben almost the same when during my first year back after maternity leave. They did so many cool adventures together. I'd come home and he'd tell me about how they went to new playgrounds and water parks. It is really the modern day approach to parenting!

  2. What a cutie! And way to go Dad - my husband also left his job and took up working from home part-time two years ago so I could focus on and grow my biz, I think it's awesome when Dads are so involved with their babes:)

    Pink Chai Style


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