Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Love

A few days ago, I attended the Vancouver Mom GLAM event and as part of our parting gifts, we received an amazing bag full of swag. Personally, I appreciated everything inside but as for my little Maxiboy, he was hit with love-at-first site when he saw a little Racoon stuffed animal inside (a gift from TELUS). Seriously, this kid doesnt give a care in the world for stuffed animals but this raccoon and him made some sort of connection and since then, it has become his little love!

^^ the first day or so when he first met his little friend. This is seriously how he was holding him for about 10 minutes or so. hey that's pretty long in toddler time! ^^

^^ by this time we named him 'COO COO,' original hey? Max has radar for him, points to him, and says 'COO COO'! Currently, it lives inside the crib ^^

^^ going for the kiss! ^^

^^ success! ^^

^^ i just about died when i saw this picture in my memory card! ^^

Ah, the tenderness of an innocent child! Makes me melt. This little animal couldn't have come at a better time as im slowly trying to prep Max for a flight to Australia this winter. Perfect thing to remind him of home, especially when we're trying to sleep (aussie time)  and our body is telling us to be awake (canada time).  Furthermore, as Max is experiencing a lot a little bit of separation anxiety at bedtime, COO COO is with him at night. If i could only go in there to see if he's hugging that thing while he sleeps! But alas, im not foolish enough to stir up the room of a sleeping beast xoxoxo
p.s. im on the hunt for 1-2 more of these in case it get's lost and the world ends :op 


  1. Love that Mitzi. When Ben was getting close to 2 he fell in love with stuffed animals and when he'd go into his crib he'd have like 8-10 stuffies all lined up. If we missed out on Ernie or some bear he always noticed haha ;) Great pics of Max. Love the love!

  2. I love this!! Little L has recently begun to love on her stuffies, too. Keep in mind we've been introducing them to her for the past 16 months but it has only been in the past couple of weeks that she will say "Hug!" and go in for a hug with her Jed teddy bear. She names each one of her stuffies now, and sometimes she will say something like, "Poppy! Cry." I'm not sure why her penguin is always crying in her mind. Weird. But I love that Max is in love with a non-standard stuffie. Too many teddy bears in the world. Not enough Coo-Coo's! :)

  3. My son has this red panda as well and he loves it. He's named it "Red Panda". He loves it. I love how they love their stuffies. I still have my stuffies.



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