Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Days Off

 ** first time on American soil! 

This week, we finally dusted off Max's passport and took a 10 hour long driving trip to America to see grandma. This was his first cross border trip and he took the heat + confinement to a car seat + irregularity in schedule + sweaty irritated parents with great stride. in fact, we totally feel confident about doing this again soon! Maybe to the Seattle premium outlets? A Trader Joe's run for their yummy kettle corn? Some Mexican Coke that tastes nothing like the stuff up here? Yes please!

This weekend was also the annual Italian Day at Commercial Drive. Always a fun day to sample some food as the menu's are not limited to Italian fare given the diversity of the Drive. For lunch we had sweet and savoury veggie samosas with mango chutney and a vietnamese sub. my taste buds were  dancing! Lots of walking, live music, busking, and the aroma of BBQ makes for a great day. I found it extra family friendly this year as they spruced up Grandview park with floaties and rides for kids- have they always had this? or did i just notice this area because i was searching for a place to give Max a break after sweating on me for 2 hours? oh and my shoulders were kinda hurting too ;o)

 ^^ best dressed of the day 

^^ watching the sardines BBQ in front of the PCOV is my annual tradition

^^ the Venice masks were a theme this year. Wouldnt it be grand to get all dressed up and have a Venice ball? I'd choose a mask that had some crazy height and frills!

^^ even though it's a dog drinking fountain, it makes for a perfect little water park for a little guy

Hope you had a great week!


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