Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 days of Indoor Time

i may sound like a broken record, but i honestly have to beef...whenever it's my day's off, it's always raining! This week was a lot of indoor time because my husband was away and took the car, Strong Start had a professional day, and it was cold. lets just say; we bonded, im tired, im looking forward to work today. Of course on this fine weekend, the weather is nice and my husband and Max are off doing their thing basking in the glory of what is now June (i know, i can't believe it either). What do you do on rainy days?

Max is obssessed at a stage where he loves trucks, motorcycles, just large vehicles. We are close to a busy street so there are always big rigs, cement trucks, and whatever type of construction related vehicles passing by. It's pretty cute when he's always pointing and doing his "ahhh ahhh ahh!!" whenever a big vehicle passes by. naturally, it's not that cute when the rumble of the engines (and stupid air brakes) just perk him right up when I'm trying to woo him to sleep. is it me or whenever sleep is near the noisiest rig just happens to pass by?!? i picked up a touch and feel book that had trucks in it...he gets a daily fix, multiple times a day, over and over again (phew). this is his fav book right now: for the big rig lover.

 ^^ hey look, i can throw the ball at you! ^^

^^ first juice experience! ^^

we had a few milestone moments this week. or rather i just had plenty of hey he can do this? type of moments. now he's tossing things over his head and on the ground for fun, the many balls that have accumulated in our apartment all these months are getting their fair share of bounce time and he's got a pretty good arm! sometimes when he's really trying to go for a long shot, he ends up dropping it behind his head and it land behind him instead of going forwards! so Cute! Secondly, i gave Max his first juice experience this week as mamma needed to cook food and baby needed to be distracted! he honestly sat in the corner and drank his apple juice without too much of a spill. I just love the way his little hands are gripping the box and his expression oozing, hmmm..this is different but this is yummy!

^^ sweeping the balcony, yes! ^^

^^ oh and i also taught him how to clean up after himself. trust me, he loves doing this! ^^

^^ by the end of the week, he was missing daddy. 
i think this was his way of asking me where he was at! ^^

it was a long week. even though i love hearing Max's babbles (see video) and ways of expressing himself, i do enjoy adult conversations more so than not! 

hope you had a great week! 


  1. We still go outside on rainy days. We have to. Firstly, we have to walk to school and secondly we would go stir crazy being in our apartment every hour of a rainy day. We are lucky because we have a pool and so often will have a pool afternoon when it is yucky and wet outside. We also have a really fun park that is under a bridge so we will go there and let the kids run and play. Sometimes we just suit up and puddle jump with a muddy buddy and boots on. Walk to the closest coffee shop and sip hot chocolate and nibble cookies. Embrace the wet! You live in Vancouver and there is a lot of it ;)

  2. We've been doing lots of inside stuff. I'm creating "obstacle courses" for Little L to climb, and we've been playing with toys along the edge of the bathtub (surprisingly fun for her)! There is also much reading done, and one series she loves is the Little People Lift the Flap books (, which comes in a cars, planes and trucks version that Max might enjoy!

    Also, Pinterest has some fun ideas. We've played with bubbles and DIY edible finger paint (icing coloured flavouring + yogurt). But some days, I know Little L aches to go outside and play.

    Have you tried the Kerrisdale Play Palace? Open 10-4 all week long, with a $3 drop-in fee.

    Also, we are enrolled in Jump Gym, which is a weekly class that forces Little L to move around on mats and play on their trampoline. :) Located on Beatty St just south of Robson!

    But yeah, rain sucks. Here's to more sunny days than not!

  3. it's such a pain in the ass though when i gotta travel so far away (and by far i mean even false creek is far) to do activites. we don't have many fun activity centers in my area other than the trout lake Gym. by the time i get Max up and ready and TRANSIT it's like ive used up so much of our waking hour time. womp womp!
    good call on the pinterest ideas.
    ive also heard there's an indoor beach around that kerrisdale area!
    im definitely woring on embracing the rain!

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