Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Lately

  • We spent mother's day stuffing our faces at Olive + Anchor at Horseshoe Bay. Have you been? Aside from the calamari and clubhouse which Gene raves about, I personally came for the Oysters Rockefeller- they were the best I have ever eaten. something about cheese, spinach, butter, bacon, and an oyster's texture that is so right. As expected i had hot flashes all day from the richness of this dish
the best picture of father and son that day

  • i had the tiniest of canker sores near my lower gum line, and of course the smaller they are the more painful they are. ive been optimizing the healing environment of my mouth because of this stupid thing and guess what happens last night? during Max's rumbling and tumbling sleep gymnastics, he drops his head on my face/mouth while i was sleeping and i just about screamed in pain. i held it in. it was more painful than childbirth
  • husband is away for the next 3 days doing some seasonal work and Max and I are alone together for the entire 72 hours. Today was day 1 and i was already feeling my patience nearly boil over at 1030am (we woke up at 730am). im pretty sure it's just me, because Gene says he's a baby when im around but totally different when im not around. Max just wants to be picked up and carried all.the.time and you know what? he's freakin' only 23lbs but feels like 30lbs. Dense. Solid. im hurting
  • i went out with some company who think my way of doing things is wrong and i make my kid uncomfortable. if they were other people, id tell them to fck off, but alas no...because i CANT. unsolicited, critical, nagging "advice" or "recommendations" especially from people who dont, by and large, spend more time with MY CHILD during the hard times really should be more of a pillar of support
  • my cat is humping this fleece blanket on top of my couch. he's neutered...what's up with him? 
  • i had a great laugh with my friend Sarah about our changed menstrual cycles post baby. It was NEVER like this pre-baby. New moms beware!
  • Max despises the stroller, every time he's in's a CIO session until i pick him up. I dont bother bringing this anymore. Life right now is so much more easier when im not using it. But, damn when he's heavier, i hope he chooses to walk more than me carry him on the carrier. Or at least hold my hand when crossing the street or how about not dart close to the boulevard when he sees big rigs pass by on the street. is that too much to ask? 
  • i can't cook food, prepare food, or wash dishes if im the only parent in the house. Max seems to hate it when i do this. I can't help but think maybe he doesnt want me to do this...which paves the way for him to be trained earlier to do it for me? haha

  • We recently had, what i think was our first post rainstorm outing. i was totally unprepared for Max's curiosity and i dressed him in runners, jeans, light jacket- and he of course runs straight for the biggest puddle out there and falls in. Awesome! I learned my lesson the next day (after another rainy day) and let him run free in appropriate gear

oh is that piece of dirt for me Max? Thanks, you shouldn't have! 

  • we upped this little man's bedtime to routine starting at 830pm and down by 9pm. he is still crying 2-5 hours after this but he's waking up sometime between 730-9am. who would've thought that sleeping in is defined as 9am? oh parenthood
  • Max's bedtime breastfeed session feels more like snack suckling rather than the i-want-breastmilk type of gulping sounds im used to. he's weaning me off!! 
  • we went to the Brentwood Mall 'playground' the other day- why does it always smell like dirty diapers there? maybe i just have a sensitive nose? or maybe it's the parents/guardians who DONT PAY ATTENTION to their children and gab away to their friends instead. pardon me if i have to gently push your too-big-and-or-too-rowdy children away so they don't hurt my child 
  • i found myself reflecting on how i judged parents pushing their McDonald's eating young child in the stroller- as i sat with Max at McDonalds giving him fries (no salt and flat pressed in napkins to soak up the oil of course ;-p)
im back to work soon, have a great week!


  1. McDonald's isn't necessarily bad, if you get the apple slices and yogurt and grilled cheese. That's what Little L usually eats when we go, unless it's breakfast in which case sausage n' egg and pancakes are on the menu! Oh, and the fruit smoothies in a snack size. LOL. In moderation, it's not horrible (listen to me rationalizing...) ;)

    The stroller is a bit of a battle for us too, now that she's uber-mobile and wanting to run! It's scary how it takes two adults to try to corral her away from traffic and also catch her to carry her across intersections. I'm definitely getting my exercise! :)

    Why can't you tell the unsolicited advice-givers to F*ck off? In a nice way, of course. I do it often, even with my own family and in-laws too. We aren't afraid of confrontation, though; Hubbs nearly tore a man apart after their kid fell on Little L due to their negligence and inattention. I would've probably been guilty of assault myself - the momma bear instinct is strong and vicious :P

  2. MCDonalds, Safeway, White Spot...we go for the fries. Seems like we're eating fries often? haha
    I've been carrying Max like a sac of potatoes lately, not over my shoulder, but under my arm (think like a plus sign) as he's just way too eager to point at those darned big rigs! my arms are ripped!

    im not sure why, "no i dont want to do that." isn't clear enough for these unsolicited advice-givers. it's like a same sh*t different underwear type of scenario.

    guilty of assault? i can relate!

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