Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life Lately

ive been doing a lot of facepalms this week as i've finally come to realize that shift swaps are really NOT my cup of tea. A month or so ago, i was all gung ho about trialling some weeks with no night shifts and in place just screw around with my schedule (and hence days off) by just doing day shifts. i unfortunately don't have a perfect shift swap partner and instead of having 4 straight day shifts, i end up with an exhausting work sequence that looked something like 2 days 1 off 2 days 2 off etc. it was a good idea then, now, i see night shifts are worth too bad for me though as i've already made some more swaps in the months to come. Facepalm!

"mama, don't work so much!" - i think that's what he's thinking!

When it comes to my day shifts, i only get to see Max for 30 minutes before he goes to bed. it really really SUCKS. Today, on my first actual day off ive already noticed some changes in him that weren't there the last time i had a true day off and was in parenting mode physically and mentally. Damn, these kids grow up so frickin fast! Teeth #7, 8, 9, and 10 have all cut through and growing. Last time i noticed they were just white tips on the gums! Secondly, he doesnt breastfeed first thing in the morning anymore...what the WHAT?! Ok, last time i was with him, he just had a snack size feed, now it's a full on rejection.

He loves this car from his tita (auntie) Vivian and Jon. It was actually from Jon's grandma and Jon played with it when he was a kid, and they passed it on to Max when he was a newborn. At 15 months, he's looking for it in his toy bin, getting on the ground and wheels/pushes it around on all fours. Sometimes he has to take it into bed with him and if i try to take it away from him, he cries, so he falls asleep with it in his hand and then i inch it away. Super cute! Along the same vein of self-entertainment, he's also getting the feel of how hard this toy is by hitting himself on the head with it. See below

this is a new thing for him; showing me where it hurts. When he stumbles, he has recently put his palm where he doesnt feel good, pouts or cries, and comes to me for comfort. So far i've noticed that he puts his hand against his head, against his cheek, and shows me his hand if that is affected part. I seriously melt and want to eat him up when he does this. i'm teaching him the english word 'owie' and the tagalog word "aray" for when he's hurt.

Max is able to wave bye-bye or hello, but it's still hit or miss as to when and whom he'll share this skill. However, Gene taught him how to 'high five' and he does this all the time on command now regardless of how he feels about the person (or so i've noticed). I love how friendly he is!

Max + Moe = Love

Lastly, he loves our cat Moe. Sure he tries to sit on him, straddles over him, sometimes steps on him, pulls his tail, flicks his ear, pokes his nose or eye, chases after him, drops his weight beside him to scare him...but all in all he is IN LOVE with Moe. In fact, i think he even says 'Moe Moe" more often than 'mama!' Much to our luck, we found a stray cat that is absolutely great with children. Moe hasnt swatted him, growled, or hissed at him...sometimes i think he's even entertaining Max's antics! Ah brotherly love.


  1. Ummm Mitzi! Is Max's hair getting lighter?! Compared to Josie's hairdo he has major major locks. Love them!! Shift work is hard no matter how you dice it. Especially full time shift work with a tiny one at home. Been there. Totally relate. Night shifts can be worth it but are so hard on your body overall. Can you believe I've gained 5 pounds just from going back to night shifts. Not from eating crappily or snacking on chips at 2 AM. I'm all ridiculously salads and apples. Just the hormone shift (erg cortisol!!!).

  2. hehe it's kind of light, but based on these pictures they're that light because the natural light is shining upon his locks! he's also had 2 haircuts already, talk about rapid growth.
    sorry to hear about the weight gain! i think i've lost weight because the staff on the unit don't order food like they do on medicine! plus, im on a health kick thanks to Sarah hehe

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