Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just About Summer Baby Wearing Momiform


momiform (mom-a-form) n. the official or distinctive clothes or outfit worn by mothers, especially when on duty

1) Panama Hat - i prefer the Panama Hat style because the brim is wider than a fedora and thus serves more than just a decorative purpose

2) Saltwater Sandals - i've walked in these sandals for hours on end and my feet never hurt nor was my arch affected (y'know those sharp pulses of pain when there is absolutely no support?). Great shoe that's flat, comfortable, stylish, and durable (the company is about 50 years old)

4) Blue jeans - jeggings from JOE FRESH are my go-to's for comfort and price point

5) High - Low shirt - any high low shirt is the perfect in my opinion for baby wearing. the front length is appropriate without it looking like a tunic. the back length is perfect as when the lower belt is buckled (say on an ERGO), a normal shirt would start riding up throughout the day. the length of the back just has enough length to keep skin from being exposed say when you need to bend over and pick up that soother baby just happened to spit out of their mouth ;o) I like basics from H&M and slightly nicer going out styles at Forever 21

6) Sunglasses - it's definitely sunglass weather! I love going to Forever 21 for their super cheap frames ...like $6.80 type of cheap. their lenses offer 100% UV protection and great price point oh for when your child wants to wear them too and spreads the arms extra extra wide apart until you hear a snap!


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