Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Styles for Mama and Baby


Do you sport a Momiform?
momiform (mom-a-form) n. the official or distinctive clothes or outfit worn by mothers, especially when on duty

Another great baby wearing outfit (Momiform) for Spring! Denim jacket that provides just enough warmth and coolness (we all know baby wearing can get pretty hot), comfortable shirt and skirt for ease of movement, flat shoes to maintain center of gravity, sunglasses (for whenever the sun decides to stop hiding), and pearls to take it up to the next level. Although im by no means a fashion expert or even a junkie (in fact i peruse through my stacks of clothing all the time and still say I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR), putting trendy classic basics on always make me feel like i made some efforts on what i look like (even if im wearning the same outfit different colours the very next day..ok and the next...)

bangs and messy hair, my everyday style

when i was a kid and even tween, my mom cut my hair and she always gave me some sort of bowl cut bangs look that was just cut straight across. Hated it. Ive had an aversion to bangs for many years, and just this year at 30 years old did i go back to that look (thanks for the inspiration mom). This bangs and messy hair business makes me feel effortlessly cool- bonus points for being literal as it's easy to achieve by positioning the bangs after a night shower and letting it air dry. Voila! bangs and messy hair in the morning! to further enhance the volume, how about holding a kid requiring lots of TLC on the left, and flicking the bangs side to side (because you have no other choice with only one hand) with your right? and scrunching up the rest of the mane just to enhance the knots that you havent combed out in ages? totally my momiform!

max form

We are finally done with winter jackets and toques for the little man! I'm not very big on spending much money on kids clothes as they grow out of it so fast, but some outfits i manage to buy or are attracted to always involve variances of the above collage. Im totally loving the Joe Fresh jacket in Max's signature color, orange. Max's shoes were our 'big buy' because he's actually walking and running everywhere and they are so easy to put on for daddy who seems to be all thumbs with every other shoe out there. Onesies are a must as daily undershirts because it's warm, but not THAT warm and i'm not comfortable with Max running around with his belly and back exposed. Jeans and stripes, i like to dress him up just like me!

messy, combed, bedhead- doesnt matter, he always looks cute to me. I just cant get enough!


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