Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Changes!

Ah toddlerhood!

 Honestly, though i have said "i liked it when he was more stationary" once or twice in the last few months, this 13-14 months old stage has got to be my all time favorite life stage so far!

doing 'wheelies' at 14 months!

i've just recently realized that i havent whipped out the stroller in so so so long because the ERGO keeps Max CONTAINED. To illustrate, if i didn't have the ERGO, Max would be whining like crazy wanting to be picked up then put down then picked up (again and again), darting out into the streets or through a sea of big people, refusing to hold my hand as we walk, falling down stairs, climbing anything and everything. oh you know, normal stuff for his age that would triple the time allotted for our errands and basically make my heart jump because i'm scared for his life and safety!

Ever since i've been back to work, i've seen some big changes in the father son bonding that im most definitely happy about with a little hint of jealousy (hey im no longer in denial that 'dada' was his first word and even when he sees husband from afar he goes 'dada' and runs to him! aww). aside from the fact that i speak to him in a total different language, i think Max knows that with mama __x__ happens, and with daddy __x__ happens instead. with some expected good days and bad days, Max has definitely adapted (and so have we) to our new schedules. Gene and I have our own little routines, give shift reports to one another, and most importantly are now working better together (and less fighting) when it comes to the child rearing. Phew, our marriage survived! 

what boy doesn't love trains?

Sleep in the house is still an issue, but when will it ever not be right? i think once one becomes a parent, they'll always be wondering if their child is ok whether they still live with them or not...and this equates to sleep quality nowhere near pre-baby days! When i'm off, I co-sleep with Max after his first night wake, and Gene does the same when im on my work set. This is really working out well as instead of waking up at 530am/6am and starting days off early, Max is waking up at 700-730am, it totally makes a huge difference in his mood when he not only gets a good nights sleep but sees us beside him when his eyes first open. We do let him CIO after the bed time routine just so he knows how to put himself to sleep sans pacifier, in his crib, and alone in his room- im waiting for the day when all of these dots are connected for 10+ hours of uninterrupted sleep nights! Bedtime continues to be at 8pm, and get this...we dropped a nap, and now only have 1 nap a day! Usually a 1.5-2 hour nap, but this is definitely a significant change in the routine as we have always known.

Though i still breastfeed twice a day (first wakeup feed, before bed feed), i only do this when i'm off. During my day shift, i dont attempt to dream feed or even wake Max up early to nurse. I just let him sleep and Gene says he has adapted. When i come home from a day shift, I continue to give Max his bedtime feed which has significantly changed from 6min (in January), to a whopping 20-30 minute nursing session per demand! During my night shift, I no longer feed him before going to work because he refuses (too full from dinner) and there have been night shift transition days when i dont even feed him for 24 hours, and again, Gene says he's adapted. I have noticed though that his morning feeds are quite short, more like a snack in terms of time length...i think a weaning process for me and him has started. I am ok with this rate, but not this rate!

Im really happy with what's been going on lately in terms of our work-life schedules and balance. I'm trying to not get TOO comfortable though as i think Max's senses it and thus decides to change things up'll always be something!


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