Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter

One of my earliest memories was me having a meltdown at a mall because my mom wouldn't buy me something- in fact, i remember lying on the ground crying, protesting- being totally embarrassing! Maybe 3-4 years old? My poor mom!

Our first (or second if you want to be that way) Easter was marked my Max's first ever public meltdown that I couldn't control. you ever hear that first kid, in seemingly quiet areas, break the ice by c-r-y-i-n-g and then more kids cry afterwards as it's so contagious? have you ever been one of those people who stared looked at the parent(s) with the crying kid in either annoyance, empathy, or just to watch the situation unfold? I received and felt those stated looks this Sunday during Mass, of all times, as Max had his first ever super meltdown!

I really don't blame him as im sure he did not want to be confined to the carrier for an hour and a half as i stood dancing on the spot in an already crowded 'crying room' (actually i partially blame some of the people at the church who could've stood but didnt bother to offer a mom carrying a 23lb baby their seat grrr..).  Then when i let him down for a position break, he saw a flight of stairs and wanted to climb up and play which of course was not appropriate, the church was so busy and i didnt have time to play for the next 30+ minutes. MY BIGGEST MISTAKE! Honestly, i really need to be more aware of my surroundings before i put Max down, lived and learned. So Max cried. i think it was a normal cry volume, but heightened in intensity as i was already aching from carrying him, my temper was short, he was the only one crying, eyes were on me, and the church was built with great acoustics in mind. Did i mention i was sans husband? (let's not go there). Awesome! We left early. 

Fortunately, i had a nice family gathering to look forward to. Going to my parents' house is truly a break and i was able to do my own thing as my parents dote on their only and first grandchild. By the end of the day, i wasn't steaming from the meltdown and Max was cute again. First, but certainly not the last meltdown right?!

first Easter egg hunt!

thanks for sharing your food with tita Mariz!

the bounty!

Hope you had a great Easter!


  1. I'll never forget being in a wedding party in a Catholic church when Ben was 9 weeks old. My mum was holding him in the pew during the wedding and he started to cry and scream...and his little baby voiced boomed loudly in the old church. SHe brought him to the back but something about the acoustics made it way worse. WAAAA WAAAA. I was sweating big time being up in the wedding party trying to ignore that it was MY baby!


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