Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I.W.A.N (kind of)

my favorite picture of Maxwell as a newborn (about 2 weeks old)

There are not only quite a few women i know who are pregnant, but quite a number of direct and indirect friends who have just given birth to a new baby. I have to admit im feeling a wee bit jealous as i absolutely enjoyed being pregnant, but also because they get to experience life with a newborn for the first time or again in about 9 or so months time. I.W.A.N = I want a new born!

Ok, i admit i had a hard time the first 3-4 months. But since Max is doing pretty well and is turning out to be a lovely boy i definitely approve of, im almost thinking like I can DO THIS again! Im feeling like im no longer abyss as to what to expect from newborns, what they would want, what i should do, and what i would need to change in my current lifestyle...mistakes made with the first born, will...to the best of my abilities...not be repeated with the next!

Things my body is ever so mildly itching to do or see again:
  • when they're just about to sleep, their palms are face up as if they're telling you to 'stop and take a step back, im about to fall asleep,' and it just slowly drops down. i loved this, i cant remember when this stopped happening
  • when they're sleeping and their arms are up by their heads
  • when their arms fling up when they hear a sound 
  • milk drunk, milk coma
  • high kicks in the air
  • swaddling a baby as part of sleep routine
  • immersing a baby in my body heat and size (they're just so darn small!)
  • little hands and little feet
Hold up! I just re-read my list and it's really not that convincing after all! Maybe i should just babysit for my new mom friends if i want to experience these sensations again right? haha! I definitely don't have baby fever...maybe pregnancy fever?..yeah i just want to be pregnant, but can do away with the first 3-4 months of post partum and fastforward to everything after 5 months when it starts to get fun. 

I am super happy with Max and my parent-life-work balance right now that i cant imagine having a newborn again for a LONG while. But this comfort zone might actually hinder me from having more children (aside from being traumatized from the lack of sleep part) so i am quite aware that a few months challenge is worth it for the amazing and wonderful time im having now with a growing human. Anyone else have a conversation like this with someone at least once a week?

Friend: How old is your baby?
Me: 14 months
Friend: Oh when is the next one?
Me: Not yet, im busy as it is.
Friend: Do it soon while you're still young! (version 1)
             Do it soon and get it over with! (version 2)
             Do it soon while you and your body remembers what it's like and can adjust easily! (version 3)
Me: Not yet, i still need to catch up on sleep.            

For me, One is definitely not enough, but for now i'm going to enjoy my new comforts and new norms with an only child...especially now that i've got the hang of things!


  1. You need a friend (or sister?!) to have a baby so you can get your baby fix. Part of me craves another newborn because I do love babies but it was a challenge to adapt to 2 kids and I still live every day like I am flying around trying to catch up. It is funny how we forget all the really hard challenging parts and remember the warm sweet fuzzy parts.

    Also, your #3 part that people say to you is just silly. Your body won't forget. Plus you are actually still young in the scheme of things. At SPH you'd be a 'young mum' as often our average age is mid to late 30's ;)

  2. i have this feeling like i did before baby where i think everything is storybook and straight forward...and then reality welcomed me with open arms! i think i just need to slap myself silly and wakeup as 1 is already tough, but 2 is tougher!

  3. Congratulations on your blog ! And most importantly, thank you for that content which always makes me happy !!


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