Monday, April 15, 2013

Germs are HERE

my sick little man

You know where Infection Prevention and Control doesn't happen? At THE Strong Start I go to.

There are caregivers in this neighborhood who take their actively coughing, nose dripping, toy eating, rambunctious kids to 'school' where there are healthy kids playing. If this is you, i'm giving you the middle finger for exacerbating the cesspool. 

When Max catches a bug, Gene catches the bug. I have to take time off of work to allow Gene to get well while I put on my nurse hat at home (thank goodness for paid sick time). I've had to do this one too many times this year. Usually im able to ward off the bugs by popping 2 multivitamins a day when im feeling something brewing but this latest round is extra infectious because not only has Max gotten sick, Gene is sick, and I AM SICK! My boss must think im abusing the system as i've never called in sick so many times in my life (sorry!). 

Is it really not common sense to let your kids stay home when they're sick? How about the concept of letting them rest...AT HOME? or at least AWAY FROM HEALTHY KIDS WHERE YOU ARE ENABLING THE SPREAD OF GERMS?



  1. People are always wondering why we are bailing from social events. Germs! Ours, that is. We have been stricken often (I think due to constant flying to/from Edmonton on a stuffy airplane). We don't believe in sharing so we usually stay home, unless we have given fair warning and are still being urged to attend. Then, sometimes, we might go. Too many people abuse the free services (eg YMCA family fun times, Strong Start) by using them as quasi-babysitters for their sick tots. I think frequent offenders should be banned from attending but that's just me! ;)


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