Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh Happy Day

  1. when tooth #6 finally cut through the gum. i finally have my sweet little boy back!
  2. the sound of laughter when i find Max's armpit tickle spots
  3. finally purchased a Kobo Mini (currently reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)- the bedbug and library connection has me totally turned off borrowing books
  4. Max and I holding hands and walking together!
  5. it's 530pm and still light out
  6. im 10 floors away from the most amazing and best sushi in Vancouver (Alaska and Yam tempura roll to be exact)
  7. going out shopping while Max is having a lengthy afternoon nap on the carrier. i cant stand taking the stroller downtown!
  8. i get along with all the new coworkers i've met in my new job
  9. my new everyday shoes...i don't love the breaking in process though!
  10. this is my new guilty pleasure: OR's Sweet and Salty popcorn
  11. quality night sleeps where i'm just out like a light and have crazy vivid dreams i can't remember but have my heart beating fast when i wake 
  12. Max making a quick recovery from his recent battle with a virus
what's made you happy lately?


  1. If you think the only way you can get bed bugs is from a library book, you are sadly mistaken! Bed Bugs in library books don't begin with the library, but from pre-schools, open care centres (such as Strong Start), and peoples homes. Libraries take all preventable measures to ensure that these outbreaks don't occur. It's very ignorant of you to completely dismiss a valuable community resource because of something that is actually non-issue within libraries. Many people can't afford to buy new books, and since tax payers contribute a small percentage to libraries, it makes sense that they are used to the fullest extent. You usually seem quite sensible, I'm very surprised to see such a ridiculous comment on your blog. If I were you I'd spend my time worrying about all the gross stuff Max will contact in the public education system instead of scaring parents out of using a most FANTASTIC and FREE community resource. Perhaps consider doing a little research before you post.

  2. thanks for the feedback!
    i love the efforts made by library staff to curb the spread of bed bugs in librarires. Here's an article that states such vigilance:
    I have definitely not discounted libraries altogether, im an avid user of their E-BOOK borrowing program.


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