Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little One Update

Little Max turned a whole f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n months on the 19th! I can't believe it myself, seriously wasn't i just pregnant? from my popular posts widget, my "37 weeks" story seems to get frequent traffic- a fun reminder at how time is flying right before my eyes.


What's Max like these days you ask? Well he's a fun fun fun little boy who's personality is blooming each day. I think he's going to be quite the athlete judging from his super strength such as moving heavy furniture around the house, ability to independently hoist himself up on our couch that's about chest in height to him (as well as the twin bed in his room) and know how to get himself back down on the ground feet first. Instead of dragging toys around the house, he often chooses to pick things up (sometimes over his head) and carry the item(s) with one arm, and bring it to us - so so funny when you can see from his face how much he's struggling but he is just so determined to carry it! 

I love how he knows his way from our parking stall, to the elevators, then up to our floor, out of the elevators and which way to turn to go home. This walking (sometimes nearly running) skill is a huge help when we're carrying up groceries and he can carry a small thing or so while i can help husband with the rest of the load. i love how he assists in putting his clothes on and off. if certain clothes are put on, it means we are following up with a predictable activity and he actually gets excited! Max appears to know what words mean when we say it in english and in tagalog- I'm thinking he's still babbling for the majority of the time but i won't be surprised if he just whips out a sentence one day when no other witnesses are around to hear it but me!

size 12-18months shirt and pants, size 6 feet

the little man already has his own music tastes and dance moves! he can moon walk and shuffle- but we see it as walking backwards and sideways. if he is particularly feeling the groove he stomps his feet on the ground and flaps his right arm like something that came out of the chicken dance. at anytime anywhere even while on the carrier, if he's feeling the music or likes the song being sung, he'll do an arm move somewhere between the chicken flap-a conductors arm waves-and raising the roof. he's got quite the eclectic taste!

at school, there are girls who already come up and try to kiss him (and have kissed him) or hold him. ive seen him back away independently but ive also seen him go for girls by means of pointing his finger close to their face and inch closer and closer until i intervene (and then he laughs). he likes girls with long hair (maybe because i have long hair?) and he'll go up to them stare, smile, giggle and attempt to play with their tresses. seriously, i cant resist him...i can't imagine what he'll be like when he is older!

scrambled or over easy?

Max has become a pretty good eater who knows what he likes, what doesnt taste good, and what he wants all the time if given the opportunity. He's feeding himself and doesnt often let me feed him anymore. he appears to love using his utensils though still needing some help in the piercing with a fork department. Fries or potato wedges seem to be our go-to treat, he loves these things whether baked or fried. i always judged moms before i became a mom when i would see their babies/kids eating fries but now, this is our bribe at restaurants when he just needs to be cooperative so we can eat hot always works! What kid doesnt love french fries right?

As for sleep, he still sleeps in my arms for his first nap when i'm off work (Gene and him have his own technique). For his afternoon nap, i finally clued into using the carrier during this time and he often has naps while im on the go zigzagging around Vancouver trying to get retail therapy errands done. i purposely schedule my 'me' activities during this time as the movement of us lulls him to long naps while receiving the benefits of babywearing and mamma gets to chill out doing pre-baby activities (minus the ability to try on clothing). As for nights, not sure what's up lately but Max has been needing to co-sleep. Some brief CIO sessions once put down in bed, then he goes to sleep only to wake up 2-8 hours later crying and this is my signal to get up and sleep with him. sometimes i can stretch out our wakeup time from 6am to nearly 715am! I quite enjoy the cosleeping when i'm off, but brutal when i have work the next day as he doesnt sleep like a log but more like  a tazmanian devil with his need to always reposition and basically do a 360 revolution each night.. Thanks for the head butt! Thanks for placing your bum in front of my face! thanks for dropping your body weight on me! hahaha...always so cute though! he will never be so small again right? cherishing it! 

this is his most entertaining skill

how can i say no to this face? xoxox


  1. It must be a 14 month milestone...cause Josie is ALL about doing the 'no' head shake. We think it's kind of cute and like to ask her questions and see her response of 'no'. Especially her big brother who asks her, 'Josie, do you want to eat spiders for breakfast?'....noooo. It's all very cute. Great photos of your little guy. While I do love babies, the next stage is full of fun!

  2. we do that all the time too! im pretty careful with the word 'no' as there's nothing more annoying than a kid running around saying that all day. however, this shaking head thing is cute and so entertaining


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