Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It (was) Spring!

I was all uppity-up last week because it was actually sunny on my days off (can't say the same thing thing for this week though). I took Max to the sandbox for the first time near the school and though i took him to this field last year, it's so much more fun when he can run around and explore things on his own instead of being limited to the picnic blanket.

summer 2012!!

spring 2013!

yes he really is eating the sand! i had to do a lot of scooping that afternoon as this sand is no Cancun quality- always monitor your kids when playing in these things, there are pebbles and God-knows-what that's in there that is a total choking hazard! maybe eating sand is a rite of passage into official toddler hood as every toddler i've heard of does this too.

future track star?!

his favorite part was chasing after the large number of birds at the park. He loves birds! rolling down this hill a few times in attempt to catch this bird didn't deter him at all. I really had to put a stop to it when i started to visualize a bloody mouth, a head injury, or a broken bone (ok his rolls weren't really that extreme).

he continues to be a yogi in the making- here, downward dog

this was my least favorite part of our day- him going crazy with stairs. we live in a stair-free apartment, and him knowing how to climb up stairs the moment he was faced with one was really super cool. however, he wanted to keep going and going and going- i wish "Eye of the Tiger" was playing in the background as this was his Rocky moment! Furthermore, he has no concept of falling and attempted to just freely walk down the stairs without caution- as if it were a straight road. I nearly died. I dont even want to picture what i was thinking about if he ever fell down.

I am super excited about whats in the next few months...SPRING and SUMMER! Pools! Flowers! Beach! Chubby legs in shorts! Tshirt onesies! Toddler fun at a waterpark! Splash!!


  1. Love the photos of Max. Each age has it's own exciting milestones! We've recently really enjoying bringing Josie to the playground and to the open gym to use all of those ride on toys!


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