Sunday, March 3, 2013

dream come true!

i am so excited come July 10th as my friends and i have tickets to see the Package Tour! if you havent heard it's New Kids On the Block, 98  Degrees, and Boyz II Men in one concert- yes, i am a 90's kid!

I've been wanting to see NKOTB since i was oh about 7 years old when they were at the height of their career. i remember going to our friend Francis and Marie's house often to watch the 3 New Kids VHS tapes they owned and totally drooling, swooning over Jordan Knight  singing and dancing to Step By Step- which to this day i can still sing along to, especially when they each do the "step one one one.." part. i know im not alone here! im really thinking of getting a crimper from somewhere just to go that extra mile, oh and hey bring my Jordan doll and New Kids cards to complete the outfit and experience?

remember these?

as for Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, it's really just icing on the cake!  in comparison (but really no comparison to the greatness that was NKOTB) this band is the Backstreet Boys and Bieber of my lifetime. i dont really understand the big deal of todays boy bands (because im old i know), but i definitely can relate to being a tween and wondering how everyone can not love everything about them! i bet a majority of the audience will be in the 28-38 y/o female category...totally my generation! can you tell im excited?

i am totally going to be one of these fangirls at the concert!

classic BOYZ II MEN

im not a huge fan, but this song is part of my Christmas music
 must-hear-at-least-once to put me in the holiday spirit

i love reminiscing memories like this!


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