Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog Owner Rant

letting a kid be a kid

you know how kids pick up almost everything and almost without hesitation put it in their mouths? Well Max isn't always like that, he's actually pretty timid in the way that if he picks up something he shows it to me first before putting it in his mouth. Of course, there are plenty of times when i miss those cues and it's already in his mouth, but he always acts in a way that triggers me to check his mouth and fish something out STAT.

Last week we were playing at the park, a giant grass field. And you know what Max picks up? A piece of dog shit! Yeah you got it, a nasty mofo log that a mofo owner was too lazy to pick up. Judging from the size of it, it was a small dog and a lazy ass owner who thought he/she can just let the grass mask his irresponsible fur-parenting. if Max had put this in his mouth, i could just imagine the cascade of trauma i would have had to put this kid through to clean it out of his system. Come to think of it, he doesnt even know how to swish and spit! i wouldnt even know where to begin with how to clean it out of him without knowing that he would've ingested and possibly absorbed some of the nastiness and subsequently put his health at risk! ARGH!!! Thankfully im quite the helicopter parent and also that he just showed me the log after he squished it through his fingers. The only intervention needed was to cut the day short as we had to go home and wash up. I laugh at the thought of such a huge park and Max picking up the one thing that is so incredibly and utterly disgusting! 

To further add to my annoyances, Gene and Max went to the playground at Trout Lake. It was reported to me that unleashed dogs were urinating near the beach area (which is near the playground) and running around supervised, though unleashed near the new playground that was being built. FML this area is where kids play! The off leashed area is way on the other side of the lake and here we have inconsiderate owners who let their dogs run free near playing children. ARGH!!! To add, the kids area is filled with dog poo thanks to owners who don't pick up after them . Seriously, where are the bylaws officers? Park rangers? Common sense? Common courtesy? 

When I see Dog Owners Not Picking Up Their Dog's #2


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