Friday, February 15, 2013

Indoor Fun

the look of F-U-N

I'm now living with a child who no longer can tolerate prolonged periods on the stroller! (gasp) We have a tagalog word for kids like this, "Malikot" (i think that's how you spell it), it means restless, ansy, go-go-go! Gone are the days when Max would just sit for hours and fall asleep, watch the hustle and bustle of life, eat, back in the stroller, and probably fall asleep again. When out, i get about an hour or so of stroller time before he arches his back, stretches out his arms, tears start flowing, and he must be let out and walk around. I used to judge parents who had those backpack leashes for their kid, recently i've contemplated the perks of having one- but i think it's a decision that shouldnt be made lightly. 

indoor activity idea #1- reading. He loves his books!

I hate to admit it but i'm pretty tired during my days off. Sleep is definitely not the same since having a child, and definitely not any easier working shifts with a child who wants you and only you (i want to consolidate my pre-work naps, not stagger!). We've been having plenty of indoor days as my body tries to adjust to these new hours all the while noting what works and what doesnt work (trial and error). trying to figure out the ideal schedule for me and techniques to keep Max distracted without too much whining and tears is a slow process!

indoor activity #2: balloons

Max has been obsessed with this balloon for at least 3 days now. At first it was floating full of fresh helium, now it's just a ball on the floor which he picks up by the string and waves around hitting himself as he runs across the room shrieking in delight. nothing beats cheap + simple sources of lengthy  entertainment! i realize rubber balloons are a major choking hazard once deflated, but i'm always supervising his play.

indoor activity #3: soccer balls

my mom gave Max this soccer ball when he was too small to do anything with it. I've seen the progression of him just enjoy looking at it, then pass the ball to me, and now he's learning to control the ball with little kicks and foot manipulations! No joke! Perhaps a futball star in the making? He gets so excited watching us do little kicks from one foot to the other or just follow the ball around the house but doing some not-anywhere-near-fancy footwork. Kids are so easy to please sometimes I tell you!

Ah days off....they come by so slow, yet goes by so fast. I so miss my little man when im working xoxo


  1. I remember this period back with Ben! It gets easier when they are active and the weather is nicer outside. Digging and playing with trucks was one of our #1 things that we would do. We also got some enjoyment out of going and tumbling around at toddler gymnastics. Enjoy Mitzi!

  2. i really need to check out toddler gymnastics. they play in the gym here at Strong Start a few times a week and the big kids just go nuts in the open space and there have been some close calls with them running Max down...really makes me tense.


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