Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Work Week DONE!

When I saw Max yesterday morning

i didnt sleep after my last night shift, so this was exactly how i felt all day

we survived my first work set! i have to admit that my new job as a palliative care nurse is pretty awesome, especially as i didn't/dont come home fried and thus have plenty of room for Max and his extra need for hugs and cuddles after not seeing me for the entire day and then some.

husband did well and now admits that raising a child is quote/unquote "hard work." he's also stated that he's "exhausted" at the end of the day and looks forward to his "days off."  Furthermore, he wants me to empathize with the fact that that he hasnt been sleeping well as he's anxious about Max waking up in the middle of the night- i take it that my husband has now developed mommy ears. lol i cant help but laugh, welcome to my world buddy at least you get "days off" when I'm off from work! because ive been doing all the night parenting and am the primary care giver for Max since he was born, my only response (besides cussing in my head) was this

DAY SHIFT:  I get up at 530am to get my stuff and myself together before Max wakes. Luckily Max has been waking up at 6am without me having to wake him (I say Luckily very lightly as i'd really love to sleep in until 8am one day), so at this this time Max and I get to spend a little time together breastfeeding and cuddling before I head off at 620am. I say bye to Max and tell him im going to work, but i don't want him watch me exit the door as I think he'll freak. On my first day shift, I gave kisses and my goodbyes, handed him off to Gene, bolted out, and the follow up report was that he cried for "a solid 60 minutes." The next day it was 30 minutes...progress!

During the day, Max and husband play and go to the local Strong Start. As for the 2 daily naps, Gene says they sleep together on the twin bed in the baby room. Gene lies down after seeing cues, Max plays beside him and slowly lies down and inches his way beside him when tired like a little bear cub.and they nap together for 45-2hours. how cute is that?! i have my own style, daddy has his own style- whatever works right? After my shift, i literally bolt from work and head home- best case scenario is home by 805pm. I call when im on the bus so Gene can start giving Max a bath (and not do so prematurely), and when i hear him take him out and go into his room, i sneak in to have a quick shower, and rush to Max's room to breastfeed and put him to bed. 

NIGHT SHIFT: so far, i get about 1.5 hours of sleep before my first night shift. i should be awake by 4 to help prep for dinner as Gene and Max could still be napping. Dinner, cuddles, and breastfeed at 6pm before I leave for work around 620pm.  To prevent a crying session so late at night (which could affect night sleep), Gene takes Max on a little toy car ride down the hall after i say my the time they get home, i'm gone. So far, no major issues with Max going to bed. 

The next day as i'm about to arrive home (approx 8am), I call Gene that im 2 minutes away and he takes Max to the room so he doesnt see me and start crying. I whip in and out of the shower, breastfeed Max and have my cuddle time, and Gene again takes Max on a short toy car ride so I can sneak in the room, disappear, and sleep. By the time this is all done, it's time for Max's first nap and once I wake up sometime after lunch to take over. 

So far everything is working well as we adjust to our new work-life balance! 12+ months of exclusive breastfeeding - SUCCESS!


  1. Yeah! You did it! Isn't it amazing to be able to cross off these big events and know that you survived?


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