Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Less than a month ago, I wrote an update on Max's current eating habits. Since then, a new milestone has us totally oooo'ing, ahhhh'ing, and cheering at mealtimes- he's feeding himself using utensils! the first day we used this OXO tot Spoon and Fork set, he knew what to do with them right away. i'm just astounded by his dexterity at such a young age!

most of the time he can pierce and pickup the food himself with the fork!

the spoon is taking a bit longer to learn (read food falls off easier). sometimes 
i help him by scooping up some of the food and leave it to the side for him to pick up

Filipino style: spoon and fork working together! (you don't often see knives on a Filipino's placemat)

quinoa, roasted veg, and tender beef? yes, please!


  1. Mitzi, Josie is loving feeding herself too! My mum gave me my old silver baby spoon and I'm finding it to work better than the long handled baby cutlery. Max looks like he is tucking into his dinner!


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