Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a Toddler!

[Today I had 2 mini breaks from my baby responsibilities due to work related issues and the fact that husband is developing his own little night routine with Max for when I am no longer available. Husband did great, Max was status quo, and well the only one who really was affected was ME - signs of my mat leave ending! Change! Insert anxiety right about NOW!]

Max has been so fun to watch lately! Ever since he learned to walk, he's evolving ever so rapidly. Daily, he's been 90% walking around the apartment. When i lower him to the ground, it's no longer bum down but feet down! he paces all around the house (like the energizer bunny) deciding on his own where to go, where to turn, where to run from. He goes to toys that he wants and plays, he goes to our cat and lowers his body to pet him or attempt to kiss him, and when one of us is in another room we don't hear crawling, but instead see a little person walk into the room and greet us with his smiles and babbles. I love this little man!

July 2012, Still a baby! 

January 2013, look at this toddler!

As Max's first birthday draws near, i have to say im feeling more confident in the parenting department - like "Hey what are we naming our second child?" type of confident! We survived first time parenthood, our marriage survived, Max is thriving, this has been the best year of my life and according  many other mom's out there, it just gets better from here! Excited! 

This time last year we were prepping for a newborn. Then he became an infant. In a week or so he'll be an official toddler. This time next year, a little boy! 


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