Monday, January 21, 2013

Max's 1st Birthday

A few days ago we hosted a moderate sized birthday party for little Max. If you are familiar with Filipino culture, the 1st birthday is not at all treated lightly! It doesnt have to be a huge party, but it's definitely celebrated with a certain level of pizzazz not repeated until maybe (a big maybe) the 18th birthday.

I've been planning this party for about a month with my sister. She's one of those people that understands what i mean by 'DIY but my free time is limited.' Elements i wanted were blues, whites, mustache, filipino food, easy, and banners. Looking at the aftermath, everything was a complete success!

i think ill be using this DIY banner for many years to come

I blew all 40+ balloons myself! 

cookies for most, onesies for the babes

birthday outfit from lola (grandma)

there are some foods you always find at Filipino birthdays like noodles: "for a long life"

cake from Whole Foods. Apparently it serves 40, in my opinion it serves 60! 

how cute are these mustache cookies? thanks tita ninang (auntie/godmother) for making them!

a kid who is not a chocolate cake fan!

the birthday boy lasted from 1030am - 4pm (we had to clean up) without much fuss. Despite the age range of guests being from 56 years old to 7 months old with some tweens in-between, i think everyone  had a good time. good food, 'circle time' that included songs and a story, cake, props, playing babies, perfect weather- couldnt have asked for more! 

thank you to all that came, thank you to those that stayed home because they were sick (you were missed!), and thank you to domestic and international friends and family that sent their well wishes! xo

**i didnt post pictures of guests to respect their right to privacy


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