Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food Journey 6 months In!

Max and I's food journey has been a roller coaster (naturally) since the day we started. As with anything else in life, it can be better (ie. he eats something new every single day) but it also certainly can be worse (ie. not eating at all and health is affected by it).  i'm happy, Max is happy, Max is eating and thriving (22lbs 9oz and 74cm), what more can one ask for? 

October 2012, he loved these nutrios so much we were going through a box in less than 4 weeks

I followed the path of least resistance and went for the 'best of all worlds' practice from the very early stages - some purees, some lumpy, and some in their natural form. Today, Max continues to be on this path as evidenced by my fridge (fresh) and freezer (frozen) stash of foods. My no-big-deal issues these last few months were:

  • Max was more than willing to try new foods, but wont eat an entire meal of this new food (exclusively at dinner). i always have to have his favourite meal (tomato sauce pasta) ready after he's done with the new flavours. it was easier during the day as Max would get fruits and crunchies which he welcomes with open arms
  • the best time to get him to love a food was to feed it at his hungriest time- breakfast. reject last night's dinner? Surprise! you're eating it for breakfast!
  • Max prefers to try new flavors when i feed him sitting on my lap. he wont eat as much if he tries new foods on his highchair. once it's establlished he likes the food, then he's ok to go back to the high chair
  • he wont always eat on the highchair, sometimes i let him play around and he comes back to me like a yoyo when he wants another bite. other times i go to him.
  • the introduction of certain foods and when. the current literature states that there's no need to delay certain foods in fear of the baby developing a reaction from the early introduction, but it just seemed more logical to me to be patient and wait instead of rushing to feed everything i possibly can (when he really has his whole life to eat) and then developing a sensitivity or reaction, and it in turn has affected his ability to eat everything he possibly can. we are both pretty cool with staying patient
I wasnt really consistent with the latter idea, i just listened to my gut feeling
- wheat --> early
- citrus --> early
- baked goods with egg whites --> early
- whole milk --> early
- egg whites or entire eggs --> waiting
- strawberries --> waiting
- peanuts and shellfish --> waiting

January 2013, wouldnt it be nice if he fed himself with the spoon? He seems interested in learning!

Max's currently favorite foods include blueberries, mangoes, bananas, macaroni and cheese, open faced broiled cheese toasts, toast in general, white spot french fries, mum mums, nutrios, anything from the Baby Gourmet squeezable pouches, beef stew and my spaghetti sauce. It seems like quite the variety, but really it's not as at times he seems to have the same thing every other day and sometimes everyday. 

Im looking forward to our food journey future as after Max turns 1, more flavors can be added to the menu. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches? Brie and apple sandwiches? Stir fry prawn fried rice seasoned with sesame oil? Pizza with all the trimmings from Sunrise Pizza on the Drive? Yes! i'm already on pinterest pinning all these wonderful looking dishes, now i just need to make them!


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