Saturday, January 19, 2013

and he is One

things i remember about today...
  • my birth story
  • texting my friend Vivian whining about some progressively debilitating cramps with no inkling that i was in labour
  • regretting eating those jalapeno chips the day prior
  • my due date was january 24
  • extremely aggravated with husband at his lack of perceived urgency
  • shocked when the midwife told me it was time to go to the hospital
  • relieved that i was already packed for the hospital
  • praying there would be parking close to the hospital or better yet, in the underground parkade (lot full of course)
  • extreme annoyance at my non-calm and non-collected husband
  • irked by my husband who couldnt figure out the impark machine and telling me i needed to hurry up
  • wondering if i was going to make it walking from the parking lot in the next building, around the corner, up the stairs, then wait for the elevators to reach the 3rd floor - while in active labor. (did i mention i was walking? also, i didnt have to go through the winding road as after some prayer i saw a person going into one of the side doors of the hospital. this shortcut was closer to the elevators and allowed me to get on am empty one. no wheelchairs in the basement though)
  • thinking i didnt like my nurse, whom i remember 8 years back from when i did a maternity practicum 
  • thinking i like the unit coordinator, a familiar face from my unit and i was able to relax
  • regretting i didnt have an established breathing technique
  • was pleasantly surprised that there was no vaginal pain, the discomfort was really on my pelvis/bladder area the entire time
  • baby out!
  • checking my cell and concluding my text with Viv "i had the baby!"
  • texting my coworkers to see if they were working and to come by
  • thinking husband was looking a green-grey (he said he was about to pass out from having not eaten anything, standing, and the situation)
  • called my family around 330pm and was like "i had the baby!"
  • ravenous. i asked my family to bring chinese food and bubble tea
  • thinking i had a really quiet baby and thought he would stay that way
  • that amazing underwear with ice packs for the right spots (a saving grace)
  • visitors!

happy 1st birthday to my love! 
January 19 at 1331hrs


  1. The 1st birthday of your 1st born is very memorable and special! Enjoy this day and all the reflecting. Happy birthday sweet Max!!


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