Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our First Christmas Tradition

Though my mom has her fair share of new ornaments and decorations bought each year, she continues to put up select ornaments and decorations from our childhood. when i see her tree, it's instant flashback  to 1988-1997 and i always find myself saying, "you stil have these?" "they don't even sell this anymore!" "i remember this!" "wow, this is so old." and when there are new members in our family, either my sister or i will volunteer the history lesson starting with, "we've had this since we were..."  i love sentimental stuff and traditions like this! such a small item can be just that - a shiny piece of glass for one, but for others it marks the holiday joys of the past, the present, and what's to come.

mugshot passport photo!

with 2012 marking Max's first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family, we've also decided to adopt the same concept and have a special decoration for Max (and will do so for future children). sure we have a 'baby's first Christmas' ornament...but that's something for husband and I. For Max, we chose a beautiful sterling snowflake that he will be in charge of hanging on the tree each year. I can't wait for the day when Max asks us for his ornament, chooses a well calculated spot of his own, and hangs it without us even having to tell him to! Tradition solidified!

of course everything goes in the mouth first


hanging on the tree for the first time!

im totally relishing at the thought of one day seeing Max hang his ornament as he shares his memories with MY grandchildren! (am i thinking too far ahead? hehe) 


  1. It will happen Mitzi! Soon Max will ask for his snowflake and all of his collected ornaments. Ben has his own stash of ornaments from us and from my family and he LOVED going through it this year at 4 years old. I love giving babies a Christmas ornament on their first Christmas. Something I've gotten in the habit of doing with many babies in my life!


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