Thursday, December 27, 2012

life lately

On December 24th we had our family dinner at my parents' house, the main courses were prime rib, honey ham, AND turkey! i think we all lost a notch on our belts after that night.  On the 25th, if was off to church and then our annual leftover foods brunch again at my parents where my mom this time fries up her ham in the glaze, as well as a dozen or so eggs, and fresh buns are flying across the table. On the 26th, even though we're not mad enough to hit the shops early for boxing day, we still make a trip out to good ol' metrotown just to experience the madness (it took us 1 minute from the moment we arrived to find prime parking)! Furhermore, as my parents and I were at metro town, Gene took down the tree and decor (this is our earliest in history), we lost some real estate in our apartment post Christmas gift opening! It's truly been a wonderful season, we are so blessed! Thank you to all who made this year extra special for Maxwell!

finally a family picture

getting a kiss from his cousin

he's really digging this car! In this pic, he's making car sounds as he's steering the wheel

my boxing day best buy of all time- Dansko clogs for WORK..
my last ones (which were white and dirty) were stolen taken from me without permission.


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