Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy List :: December ::

  • sitting on the back of the couch with Max, overlooking the daily hustle and bustle, and more importantly the flying birds Max loves
  • Christmas baby parties and gift exchanges
  • Max opening his mouth while looking up to drink the shower water

  • secret santa lists, wrapping gifts, and gift giving
  • the anticipation of indulging in filipino foods my mom makes only once a year!
  • husband buying matching clothes for him and Max to wear in the future
  • drugstore brand foundation replacing the expensive counter products
  • this picture 

  • 103.5 QM/FM playing 24 hour Christmas music
  • This burger from WHITE SPOT, is now the only meat burger i will eat: 
    Peanut Butter, Bacon & Jalapeño Bigger Burger
    Our 6 oz. 100% fresh Canadian beef burger with crunchy peanut butter, chopped bacon, jalapeño peppers, mayo, lettuce, and tomato
  • our apartment all red and full of Christmas decorations!

"So much has been given to me I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied."  -Helen Keller


  1. That is a great happy list! Love it!! I am a bit skeptical of the PB burger though. I can get behind the bacon though ;)

  2. the burger is SO GOOD (i like the texture most of all, crunchy peanut butter in a burger just works) *drooool*


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