Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Gift Guide #3: Your Loved One(s) Due With Their First Baby VERY Soon!

Sleepers from WALMART. The ones pictured are footless, but they have plenty to choose form with feet for the babies younger than 12 months old. i LOVE the Walmart ones as they ZIPPER. I despise buttons/snaps. 3 sleepers for $12 (all sizes)

Velcro swaddler option. I used and loved both the SUMMER INFANT and the HALO SLEEP SACK.

for the mom's choosing to breastfeed, and especially those exclusively breastfeeding, their nipples need LANOLIN.

i was a new mom who wanted to feed my baby in public on demand, but i didnt want to reveal my breasts to the whole world. this nursing cover Really helped me. I liked the BEBE AU LAIT ones because the boning allowed me to see the baby, as well as provide a route for air circulation (it was really hot under there). 

im very biased to the ERGO BABY CARRIER. ive used it from when Max was born (about 8lbs) and still use it to this day (at 22lbs). There are plenty more years (and weight gain leaps) left in our baby-ergo-mamma relationship! 

As a bonus (but not as a replacement for the ERGO), i highly recommend the BOBA Air! This little thing about the size of a cosmetic bag is the saving grace for a fussing baby who needs a position change (or just mom/dad). Mine is always in my undercarriage, whipped out at a time of need. Perfect item for those who want a carrier option that doesnt take up too much stroller/purse/diaper bag/luggage real estate! Sold locally at happy baby daily needs.

Happy Shopping!! 

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