Saturday, November 3, 2012

Practicing His Little Walk!

With a little guidance and a lot of husband preventing the walker from exerting forward too fast (and Max subsequently doing a face plant on the ground), i think this Melissa and Doug Push Toy was one of our best garage sale finds this year! It's really fun to watch him exercise, practice, and burn some energy! Right now he wants to go back and forth back and forth constantly.

From a nurse point of view, it's ironic how some of us start out with a mobilizing aid such as a walker, and end our lives with a possible need for a walker too (just like incontinence pads...)

my baby talk/voice is really annoying. mute your pc's! haha


  • Max loves it 
  • uses it as an anchor to hoist himself up on carpet and on floor (think squats and lunges)
  • it has rubber treads around the wheels so there's some traction against smooth floors
  • the alligators moving are cute
  • relatively 'safe' on carpeted surface
  • the screws loosen, so they should be checked a few times week and tightened to prevent injury
  • the treads are a weak security measure, on smooth floors it can still zoom forward. always supervise kids!
  • depending on how Max hoists himself up, ive seen the walker tip backwards part way or all the way down with the handle on the ground 


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