Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Max Has Hit Double Digits! 10 Months Old!

little Max is now 10 months old. I say this every month- where the heck did the time go?

What's a 10 month old Max like these days?

  • he says 'mama mama' all the time in long run on sentences, sometimes we get a 'dada dada'
  • he's playing with various volumes of his voice
  • he's loves sharing/offering his nutrios and pacifier
  • sleeping straight from 8pm-7am with only rare wakeups (no night feeds!), ravenous in the morning as expected!
  • naps 2 times a day (sometimes 3), in my arms, for about 1.5hrs each time - this is prime time to get up to date with everything happening in the social network
  • a really sweaty sleeper when sleeping in my arms, his hair is soaked when he wakes up
  • learning to point at things he wants or at people he wants attention from
  • offering hand still, but not as often (same gesture)
  • can walk by himself using the walker! (watch the video)

  • really good appetite, with breakfast being the best. still feeding on lumpy/pureed but good at feeding self whole apples, cheese, nutrios, peas, and carrots
  • loves nutrios, rice rusks, cottage cheese, and all apples (i think he would eat these for breakfast lunch and dinner if he had a choice)
  • puts arms up when he wants to be picked up. if already up in someones arms, he stretches arms out towards another person he wants to be carried by
  • he can crawl while holding onto something with one of his hands
  • wants to climb over everything to get through (instead of crawling around the object like, ie. ME!)
  • loves giving open mouth wet kisses. i just need to lean forward close to him and his mouth is open to give a wet kiss
  • breastfeeding 4x a day

  • 4 teeth (2 up, 2 bottom)
  • 3-4 poops a day
  • still loves and whines for his pacifier
  • he really likes watching mike the knight - i think it has something to do with how big the characters are on tv
  • he loves the IOGO yogourt commercials! we were playing in the kitchen, he hears the first 4 notes of the commercial, he pauses and then bolts out of the kitchen to watch the commercial. one of those wave-your-hand-in-front-of-their-face-and-no-blinking moments. again, probably has to do with how simple and big the images are
  • attaached to me big time (aka major separation anxiety). i cant leave room without him crying, or him looking/finding me. i cant be in the kitchen without him wanting to be carried by me and will escalate to crying if i dont pay attention to him or move around too much

everything goes in his mouth

Max's 10 month old 'schedule,' (times are approximate +/- 30 minutes)

7am: awake, breastfeed
9-1020: nap
1030: breakfast
12pm: breastfeed
130: lunch
230-4pm: nap
4pm: breastfeed
6pm: dinner
730: bath, bed time routine, breastfeed
8pm: asleep
10pm: my bedtime!



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