Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Talk Christmas Music

Christmas music is playing almost daily in our apartment now (ok, husband can only tolerate it for about 30 minutes as it Is only November). I grew up listening to 3 Christmas CD's, and as an adult we added 1 more to the collection. 4 Christmas CD's are plenty! Seriously, how many versions of the 'Christmas Song' can one tolerate without getting sick of it right? 

I listened to these 3 highly recommended CD's for so many years and have attached many memories to them. Therefore, i am biased and i think these are the best ones out there! There are so many to choose from, let me help by narrowing down your options...

1) The Jackson 5 Christmas Album (Listen to Samples here)

"Have Yourself a Merry Christmas" - one of the best on the album

This was our first Christmas album EVER. There are songs on this album that are not your standard fare Christmas songs, you know the ones on every-other-christmas-album (ie. Give Love on Christmas Day). Excellent harmony, not-chipmunky despite being 'children'. Do i need to say more? It's the Jackson 5! 

2) David Foster Christmas Album (Listen to Samples Here)

"Blue Christmas" with Wynona

I remember it being Christmas season when my parents would put this on and hearing the David Foster "Carol of the Bells" tune (it was song #1). I dont care for song #1 at all, but the rest of the album is beautiful. The right artists were chosen for the right song. Wynona's version above is so heart warming, her rendition emits the emotion i can connect with. i love the clarity of her voice, so smooth!

3) Bing Crosby's White Christmas (Listen to Samples Here)

"it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

Nothing says Christmas like Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas," except in Vancouver it was Wet Christmas! The old classic isnt Bing's only good song in the album. Whenever I hear this CD i picture eating Christmas ham for breakfast and getting ready for church, or just came from church and eating Christmas ham for lunch. food memories are deep rooted. 

4) Elvis Christmas Duets (Listen to Samples Here)

"ill be home for Christmas" -Elvis and Carrie Underwood

Ive been listening to this CD daily, and I love nearly all the songs. Im not sure why there are 2 CD's with 90% of the same songs except for the last few ones but i have the one with the red cover and i much prefer it than this one with Elvis' silhouette. This Carrie Underwood duet is so sweet, sometimes it's on repeat!

Well that concludes my list. Max will be growing up with these albums too and making his own memories starting with this year, baby's first Christmas! woot woot


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