Friday, November 23, 2012


Along with my parents and sister, Max and I finally scoped out the 'new' IKEA on Bridgeport!

First and foremost, 
they have the best baby nursing room/bathroom in all of the city!
i took my sweet time changing and nursing Max, while sitting in a comfortable chair (with cute upholstery), in room that doesnt smell or look like a bathroom. All it needed was a crib, and it wouldve been a great nursery with a bonus built in ensuite! Thank you IKEA for putting family first!

Even though ive been to the old site 100 million times, something about going to a new building and finding yourself getting lost in a big space (as opposed to knowing the store layout like the back of your hand) makes it a more enjoyable experience. SO enjoyable that it may even be worthy for another 2.5 hour shopping trip (and of course for the 75cent hot dogs and $1 best frozen yogourt in the city)!

poor Max had to eat peas and carrots!

I love whoever is designing for IKEA! From textile patterns, to show rooms (this is your 296sq ft home), to just general aesthetics of their products, everything is like what you see in design magazines. everytime i go there, i try to store some good ideas in my brain and then try to replicate it with some better products not bought from the store. I think its common knowledge that although pleasing to the eye, the quality of their products aren't something to write home about.

I would love to get Max something like this circus tent for his room when he's a little older. I dont know if i personally would fit in there to play with him, but i can just imagine him and his siblings/friends going in there, telling stories, indoor camping, hiding, and just having their own play and creative space! 

If I can haul out some things in our den, i'd love to setup this great space for Max to get messy and creative, thanks for this idea Martha Stewart! I can see IKEA inspired  things like the MALA Drawing paper roll, the LACK Coffee TableKARDEMUMMA Plant pots, and of course paints, felts, and colored pencils from the Arts and Crafts line.

How cute are these textiles? Seriously! The rug is adorable! 

And of course, toys to play with like the EKORRE Rocking mooseMULA Bead Roller Coaster, and the MULA Abacus

per mama in the city recommendation, we came out with the BUSA play tunnel. it took Max a few hours of coaxing and some of his favorite play things that needed to be retrieved before he warmed up to it!

If you haven't been to the new IKEA, it's definitely a must go. If not interested in their big ticket adult furniture, it's worth checking out the showrooms for inspiration and the kids section! it'll have you wishing you had a kids room to decorate, or wondering why your own room as a kid was never this awesome!


  1. Ikea is great for kid stuff for sure. Seriously the tunnel we bought Ben when he was 8 months old is still in excellent condition after mega use. We've brought it to birthday parties and outside over the last 4 years. I happen to know that our friend Susan has that little tent for her daughter.

  2. great tip on taking it outside and parties! even my cat loves this tube, he thinks it's some agility training prop lol

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