Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello Christmas Season!

We've finally hit 2nd base (Halloween) and making our way for 3rd base- christmas! (new year = home base, start over)

it's not too early to think about it yet right? im already marking down dates for Christmas parties, get togethers that need to happen, keeping my eyes open for sales, and whipping out my favorite festive colors of red, white, purple, and green!

My first project this year is to get some pictures of Max in some Christmas pizzazz, hopefully to send out as a Christmas card. it'd be nice to get a family shot, but i dont think anyone is willing to hangout with us for an hour or so to try to get some decent shots for FREE! So, with my sisters camera in tow, im embarking on a Max + mamma photography adventure. Hopefully i'll get the shot i want by Nov 30th! But for now, here is what i have so far

I have new found utter r-e-s-p-e-c-t for photographers who photograph children. Honestly, it's been a couple of days and we can only do this photo session for about 45 minutes a day or so. blood, sweat, and tears I tell you! my current frustrations include

  1. he wont look at the camera on queue
  2. he hates the hat and keeps ripping it off
  3. he wont stay still
  4. i only have a kit lens
  5. i dont really know how to work this camera
  6. every time i sit him down, and he sees me inching away, he comes crawling to me
  7. the lights get hot
  8. he's chewing on the bulbs
  9. our cat Moe injects himself into the scene
  10. Max sees the camera, he wants to play with the camera
  11. our Christmas decor is still in the storage room
the list goes on. Alas, i think the extra grey hairs accumulated will be worth it for that one (hopefully more) money shot!  Post to be continued!


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