Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy List :: November ::

  1. watching Max find his way to his walker, hoist himself up, and go off walking on his own
  2. getting the Christmas photo I want in 3 days
  3. monthly get togethers with friends in familiar places (that Greek places gets better and better)
  4. the thought of different types of employment possibilities when I return post mat leave
  5. finally getting lengthy and quality night sleeps
  6. no jacket, but wearing a toque and sunglasses outdoors (my perfect Autumn weather)
  7. Max looking for his toys under the couch- i think he continuously drops them on the ground to watch where it goes
  8. a beautiful BC wood bowl from Circle Craft, perfect for everything
  9. our first "First" birthday party! my generation of friends are having kids! 
  10. watching Max pause his activities to watch the IOGO commercials. He just needs to hear the first 4 notes of the commercial and he's hooked
  11. baby's first Christmas
Have you stopped to think about what makes you happy?
Let us be thankful!


What is on your mind?


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