Monday, October 22, 2012

The new normal

Gone are the days when I would drop Max in the crib within 10 minutes of a sleep cue for a nap. Our new normal is sleeping in my arms, per request of the little one. This is the ultimate no-cry sleep solution for our home! Instead of whining about it, I have chosen to cherish our time together at this stage of his infancy. Before I know it, he's a teenage boy who wants to "break up" with his mamma, right?

He sleeps within minutes of me putting him in this cradle position, minimal if any pacifier use, he nuzzles his cheek against my breast, and with the other arm he sometimes caresses the other breast even in deep sleep! adorable! This new sleep routine has made way for excellent night sleeps in his crib (in the double digits)! Win win!


  1. Good for you Mitzi. You are already a seasoned mama with your attitude on sleep!


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