Thursday, October 11, 2012

9 month Sleep Regression?

Not sure what is going on as of yesterday, but Max becomes hysterical whenever I put him down for sleep (naps and night sleep). Honestly, i just wrote a post celebrating Max's new sleeping abilities but now i can't publish it!

- new skills?
- development leap?
- dreaded heightened separation anxiety?
- all of the above!

when i pick him up and rock him, he calms and tries to go to sleep. however, once i put him down he freaks again.'s like having a newborn all over again. Poor little man. i dont even think it's worth it to do the sleep training right now. we co-slept last night after his feed, im thinking tonight we'll be doing the same.

i'm glad i don't have anything this week that requires critical thinking! *yawn*

Update October 15: so far i've found the solution for naps and night sleep. No crying out involved! Woot! but i'm not going to to blog about it as i fear im going to jinx everything!

i don't have a plan yet though when he wakes up at night, hmm...


  1. I remember when Ben started to sleep through the night and I was so scared to blog about it lol. I waited till it was past two weeks. Sounds like you've got a plan with Max. Hope you two have sweet dreams together!

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