Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reverse Wave

In my attempts to teach Max how to wave, he has developed this new gesture in the last week. i'm not sure if it means:

"come to me"
"give me"
"thank you"
"let me see"

but he does it all the time even to complete strangers. it's very charming, it brings a smile to everyone he does it to and some even go as far as stopping to converse with him.

pardon the sideways video


  1. Very charming little fella you have there. Josie is mastering the wave too and kissing on demand haha. It is really sweet to see them catch on to the idea of a social wave. Totally a milestone moment.

  2. im practicing the kissing on demand too! nice big open mouthed wet kiss on the cheek right now. i especially love it when Max does it without my asking..he just leans over and does it, and it feels good to know werent doing anything super special but just sitting there. love


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