Friday, October 12, 2012


i don't fully know whether to credit milestone or product in this blog post, but honestly, im more inclined to credit product in the downright improvement of Max's sleep hours! Let me introduce to you the kangapouch.

  • 100 % cotton
  • white goose/duck down fill
  • 2 way zipper (easy diaper change)
  • machine washable and tumble dry
  • adjustable for growth
  • ive only seet it at Crocodile Baby

Back when i received the super baby haul from my friend Sarah, I had no idea what sleep sacs were or what they were used for (i would grade my product knowledge as a D back then).  I thought babies slept in their sleepers and that was that. who knew that babies needed something to keep them warm like adults (duh, me)!  One of Sarah's purge was this giant white puffy thing that was clearly too large for a baby, and so large that i couldn't picture this baby (then inside me) fitting into this big comforter with straps until many many Many month's or years later, and thus, it was tucked away in a dresser not to be seen again until the first week of October 2012. 

Yes it is Now. it is cold, and it has been cold at the wee hours of the night since September ended. I already was using a semi thick cotton sleep sac at night- Max would be sleeping his regular schedule with about 2 wakings for feed at night- tolerable, bearable, manageable, we were doing well. I whipped out the sleep sac particularly because there is a window insulation issue in Max's room (problem from the exterior). when i walked into a feed in the middle of the night, i was cold and i assumed poor baby was probably cold too (i frown at the thought). it was time for change.

Anyhow, since October 1st, the first night I used the Kangapouch, Max's sleep pattern's have made a sharp turn towards amazing! Prior to kangapouch use, For his first nap, his bare minimum was 45 minutes, now they're minimum 60 minutes, on average 90 minutes, and sometimes even 2 hours! (his 2nd and 3rd naps vary though because we're usually out and about). Furthermore, for his night sleep, he went from first waking at the 4 hour mark twice a night, to now waking on average on or after 5 hours. We then have a quick 2-3 minute night feed, and he's back down to sleep for another few hours until he gets squirmy in the tail end of his sleep time and needs a soother to give me that extra hour.

Seriously, this can't be milestone alone! it's no surprise that im loving this Kangapouch (thank you Sarah!) and Max is loving it too as he's getting prolonged rest. at night, all Max wears is a sleeper and then he has this on, i admit i do still wonder if he's comfortable as his head and arms aren't covered in the sleep sac and the room is still cold. i'm not sure how much the temperature will drop during the winter, if i'll need to supplement with room heat, but right now whenever i unzip him in the morning, he's emitting warmth and he feels so toasty and so squeezable! 

**i realize i should have some pics of Max in the kangapouch, however I'm just not so inclined using flash in the darkened room and risk waking the little man up!

** also, i realize i just posted about a sleep regression. Our sleep issue is getting him to sleep, once he does, it's pretty goodl


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