Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy List :: October ::

  1. Max expressing emotion as he 'talks' 
  2. still using the bbq when it's cold outside and thoughts of having winter bbq's in the months to come
  3. finding that a Maybelline drugstore product works way better than its MAC competition, (and for 1/3 of the price)
  4. it's less than 100 days until CHRISTMAS!
  5. the perks of waking up early and watching TV? entering email contests and winning (more than once)!
  6. pumpkin loaf with chocolate chips from Small Pleasures at Trout Lake farmers market
  7. Max going crazy (in a happy excited way) when i growl and bark at him as he's standing beside the coffee table about to bite him all over (yes this is our little game!)
  8. the weather being amazing that Max and I can still have our daily picnics at the park (even though we have to go in a little earlier, and dress warmer)
  9. my $10 H & M jeans lasting 2+ years before thinning out at the inner thigh and then ripping (however, now i have to find another pair of $10 jeans that fit just as good- this doesnt make me happy people!)
  10. Gene and I's current obsession with fish meals (different fish, same recipe). im loving steelhead, sockeye, rainbow trout, and pink's
  11. giving into the hype of 50 Shades of Grey and being swept away. I want a Christian Grey! (ok, maybe i'd like to know a Christian Grey)
Have you stopped to think about what makes you happy?
Let us be thankful!


What is on your mind?


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