Thursday, October 18, 2012

9 months old!

Wow we've fully reached the reverse extension of pregnancy- 9 months of living and thriving!!

hair has grown over ears, but we are in no rush to give this guy a haircut!

What's 9 month old Maxiboy up to these days?

  • bouncing on the spot
  • no longer scared of running bath water, but still scared of public bathroom toilet flush sound
  • hazel eyes
  • 'expert' crawler and can increase speed to his desire
  • can figure out where i/we are by following the voice trail. im pretty impressed by his memory and his weighing of options as to where we might be and crawls to us! (ie. he's in living room and we're in the master bathroom)
  • loves using everything as an anchor to hoist himself up
  • loves eating the remote, phone, and cellphone - my blackberry is permanently flickering! (ugh)
  • can cruise from one person or piece of furniture to another place

  • more separation anxiety which is ever so slowly improving
  • 1-2 feeds at night (in the 8pm-8am sleep mode schedule)
  • eating better, 3 times a day of various textures. loves rice rusks!
  • breastfeeds every 3-4 hours during the day
  • lots of mamamama dadaddada and various other sounds
  • we're no longer using the carseat on the shopping carts! of course i wipe the entire upper level with a wipe before he hops on, but i've had no issues with him tasting the shopping cart. the only thing I'm worried about is him being kidnapped as it's so easy to snatch him from these things. am i crazy or what? of course he's always supervised

  • playing with saliva at back of throat with rolling sounds when on the changing table
  • hates the changing table, will cry if he doesnt have a soother in his mouth. and continues to be super restless on it doing his 180degree rolls
  • sleep regression as of october 8- currently a work in progress! Ferber vs. Weisbluth vs. au Natural? 

  • has this new tongue thing where he sticks his tongue out when exerting energy and when excited
  • in love with his pacifier (still)- his go to comfort measure
  • we have 2 central uppers and 2 central lower teeth
  • i know where his tickle spots are and can make him laugh. love love love
  • can kiss on demand with the "Halik" command (this is kiss in tagalog) but sometimes he just kisses all on his own - im doing something right! i wish this was consistent, but im not that lucky yet! 
  • we havent used the jolly jumper or the jumperoo for over a month now - ever since he started crawling, he gets upset when he's confined to these baby mobility products
  • loves these bongos! 

as for me, the back to work nightmare  issue is looming- actually it officially has a date February 1st, 2013! (insert multiple expletives)


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